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Dental work and pregnancy?

I am 15 weeks pregnant and went to get my teeth cleaned yesterday and they said I have a cavity. They looked at my X-Rays from 6 months ago and pointed in out, even though 6 months ago they told me I had no cavities. So now I am forced to get it filled pregnant or wait until the baby comes but by then it will be a root canal or I will have to get it pulled.

Has anyone had dental work done while pregant..thanks

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    Wait until you are 16 weeks to be safe. I had dental work done while pregnant, and everything was fine. The biggest concern is the x-rays, which they have the lead vests for.

    If 6 months ago, you had no cavities, and now you do, I don't think the filling will be very deep. Probably just a surface filling, but ask your dentist to clarify for you.

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    I went to the dentist while I was pregnant. I got a routine cleaning, but they couldn't do x-rays. I already had a cavity on the side of one of my teeth, on the bottom next to my gums. They made me wait until after the baby to have it fixed. I was worried that it would get worse and all, but I just had to end up getting a regular filling, with just one shot of Novocaine.

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    Most dentists will not touch you until you are in your second trimester, which is 12 weeks. I'm 17 weeks now and broke my tooth last week. My dentist said that I need an x-ray and a local anasthetic but I have to get clearance from my OB, which was not a problem. I think the clearance was just to make sure I was having a normal pregnancy. And when they do the x-ray, they put two of those heavy jacket things on you instead of one. Your dentist knows what precautions to take with pregnant woman, just trust them.

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    I had feeling and it feel out 4 months ago, when i went to the dentist to have it filled again they asked my for a doctor's clearence they wont touch me unless my doctor says is ok to have work done but he did suggest i wait until the baby is born. Im due next month so ill just wait for my own sanity you will have pain sometimes but you can take tylenol. The anesthesia they will give you for the feeling can hurt the baby so think about it

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    Dentists try to limit dental work to only cleanings while pregnant, but in extreme circumstances, they will do what is necessary. My sister-in-law had to have a root canal when she was 8 months pregnant and my little nephew is doing great. Good luck!

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    I would wait until after your pregnancy until you have a mercury filling as mercury is toxic to your baby. Some countries have banned pregnant women from having mercury fillings for this reason.

    If you look after your teeth well, a cavity shouldn't progress at such a fast rate.

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    check with your doctor but Im pretty sure you can. My sister had work done..I know she had teeth pulled or something. So just ask your ObGyn

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    They can do it, they just can't give you a lot of strong painkillers or put you to sleep, or at least they shouldn't, it could be bad for the baby.

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    you can have work done. i did. they will just cover your belly if they have to do ex-rays

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