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what are the differences bet. running shoes & tennis shoes when it comes to soles?

are there different type of tennis shoes for each court/surface???

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    Running shoes typically have narrower soles to allow quick forward to back motion.

    Tennis shoes have a wider sole to give you more stability and support. Typically Tennis shoes will also use a stiffer rubber for durability reasons. When playing on concrete or hard court, any tennis shoe should be fine. For clay look for a shoe with a wave-like pattern on the soles. This wave pattern helps reduce the build up of clay on the bottom of your shoes and prevents you from sliding.

    On a side note, tennis shoes usually have full leather uppers. This gives you more lateral support. You'll will need this lateral support because you move from left to right while starting and stopping really quickly. If you play tennis with RUNNING shoes you risk the chance of ankle injuries.

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    The soles of the tennis shoe is designed for the surface u r playing on. Running shoes are basically the same in all brands. They are designed for the same surface. Tennis soles are designed to help stop sliding in order to control your footing so u can hit a more stable shot. Good question always play tennis in tennis shoe not running not designed for the court.

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    Tennis shoes have flat soles that provide maximum contact and traction on a court. Running shoes are not flat and have different soles depending on running surface.

    Tennis shoes have non-marking soles which keep a court from getting marks the color of your sole when you drag your foot. Some courts/clubs require non-marking soles. Running shoes will leave a mark on courts when you drag you foot.

    Tennis shoes sometimes have built-up toes for people who drag their toe on their serve. Many running shoes have cloth upper toes that wear through very quickly when you drag your toe.

    Tennis shoes are on average more durable because of the demands of tennis (quick changing directions, hard and coarse surface) while running shoes are usually lighter and offer more ventilation, and thus are usually made out of less durable and thinner materials.

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    Running shoes are made for moving forward and straight. That's why the heel is usually a little higher. Tennis shoes are made for moving in all directions, and usually have more of a flat sole. I wouldn't use running shoes for anything but running.

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    Tennis shoes are use to tennis players in tennis court but running shoes are any body can use any where.Tennis shoes are comfort only in tennis court but running shoes are comfort in any where.

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