Is it just me or have we totally lost the meaning of Christmas?

My local newspaper runs a weekly poll question where they go into our local mall and stop people and ask them a question...This weeks question was "Are you upset when you buy someone a gift and they do not reciprocate"? Most people actually answered yes. That they do not like to give gifts to people unless they feel they will get one in return and they think its very rude to not get one. Have we totally lost what Christmas stands for?

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    1 decade ago
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    Christmas does not make sense. Jesus birthday. when you go to a birthday party you buy ONE present for the ONE birthday boy or girl. It is Jesus birthday. I should be able to buy just Jesus a present - not EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY!!!

    People max out their credit cards for Christmas, declare bankruptcy and it takes Easter time 'til they are out of debt. Lonely people commit suicide around Christmas, old people in nursing homes get depressed at Christmas and die of natural causes more at Christmas time than any other time of the year.....

    Christmas is so tokenistic. I see my brother twice a year - his birthday and at Christmas. any other time of the year, we really don't bother with each other - we have NOTHING in common.

    Christmas may bring families together - but only out of guilt, most of the time.....

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    Yes. We exchange gifts on Christmas to commemorate the gift that God gave us in His son on Christmas. The gift of grace that he gave us on the Cross. If the gifts are given in that spirit, then the giver won't expect a gift in return. However, whoever said that it's an emotional response was right. We want to do to others as we would have done to us. Some people give gifts because they want gifts in return. However, a return gift should not be an expectation, it should be a blessing.

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    1 decade ago

    We totally lost the concept of the celebration of Christ's birth when some President declared that the fourth Thursday of November would become Thanksgiving Day in order to increase business for store owners. The concept was to give people a "countdown" of shopping days until Christmas and, naturally, when you have more time to do something, you overdo, overspend, and forget why you were doing it in the first place.

  • GrnApl
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    1 decade ago

    Many people treat the act of giving a gift like a "Trade". While I enjoy receiving gifts it never enters my mind when I give one. For this reason I give gifts to persons outside of my family at the last moment I will see them. In this way ; they will not be pressured to feel that they need to reciprocate.

    For example, I will give the school bus driver a present on the last day of school when she drops my kids off for the christmas break. Neighbors and such will receive their gifts on Xmas Day as the children will go and deliver them. Co-workers and such will receive their gift on their desk prior to my leaving for the day since I will not be returning for a couple of weeks. I also keep small end items like wrapped candles and candy at home for the occassional unannounced guest who may be expecting something in return and whom I may have forgotten.

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  • paki
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    1 decade ago

    yes, this is not Christmas needs to be changed to spend as much money as you can holiday, the true meaning of Christmas has been lost for a long time, it is not the gift that counts it is the meaning of it and being friendly and kind spirited to friends, family and strangers. i don't celebrate Christmas like everyone else does, yes we buy things, for ourselves but for family, just a box of macadamia nuts from Hawaii will do cause i know i wont even get a card back from family

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    Christmas means different things to different people. For some it's about celebrating the birth of Jesus.

    For some it's about spending time with family.

    For some it's about getting gifts and eating good food.

    So I guess it depends on what it means, before we can say that we either have or have not lost it.

  • Gerry
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    1 decade ago

    We give gifts on Christmas in Jesus name, but people go overboard. The more they get, the more they want! A lot of people are selfish and a lot of people figure just because they gave, they should receive. We should give with our hearts and not expect to be given back something!

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    4 years ago

    The which technique of a element like Christmas is determined with techniques from persons, with techniques from persons, churches, households. in case you do not forget that Christmas replaced into initially the social gathering of the start of Christ, then this is what it may advise to you. you could also opt for to ignore many of the business razzmatazz that accompanies it - although a contact of "good cheer" seems acceptable to me. you could also opt for to carry on your acknowledgement for the classic 12 days - as a lot as Jan sixth. positioned an illuminated crib on your window and go away it up till the three kings comes for Epiphany. those who see this is going to comprehend what Christmas skill to you. And, BTW, you could also ignore about those those who've been suckered with techniques from made up memories about pagan origins.

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    I think people do tend to get wrapped up in the gifts and good food and such that goes along with Christmas moreso than the real reason we celebrate the holiday.

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    I totally agree, people have definitly lost the meaning of Christmas. I mean come on, you can't even say "Merry Christmas" anymore. People just need to chill out, and enjoy the holiday season.

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