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Aquarius SUN, Virgo Rising ....???

Tell me about this combo please...?


What are the typical traits..?

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    Starting with Aquarius: Right now you are going to have some luck expanding your groups network (and this has been an area of great transformation over the last 11 years or so). This luck will continue throughout 2007, There have been a lot of unexpected changes in your money situation for some time, but over the last month your career situation was better. Through to August 2007, the changes in your group situation could lead to a lucky advance in 2009, but there are going to be some old problems to clear up from August 2007 until 2009. 2008 is your year to asses the advances you've made, clear away what isn't working, and plan for your future. Your close personal relationships have been under some restriction or the subject of close personal examination, and this continues until Sept 2 2007.

    Now Virgo rising: Some aspect of your home/roots/family sector has been undergoing transformations, and this continues until 2008 when both pluto and jupiter reside in the 5th house of your ascendant (romance, travel, recreation, pleasure). Your ascendants 7th house continues to undergo unexpected changes (good and bad) until 2011, so close personal relationships provide some kind of unexpected axcitement.

    Summary: not long ago you had some luck in opportunities in the career/education area, and now this

    has led you to new opportunies that can be of lasting benefit in the groups/networking area over the next 8 months. There have been suprises in close relationships that have demanded that you grow up and act more responsible or at least take a more sober view of these

    relationships. Your home/house/family/roots have been

    undergoing a profound transformation, and from August 2007 all through 2008 you should retreat to plan for 2009, and implment all you have learned about close partnerships since about June 2005.


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    it wont work because you have twom domonating signs together. try and april aries or another virgo. virgo men are sweet and thoughtful just dont cross one it can get ugly.

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