how to connect two oracle servers?

I have one server at my office and another at branch. I have dataline connection. Both the Oracle servers are having same database structure. I want to write trigger on on table that if new row inserted in that table I want to transer that entry to my office server. Plz help me.

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    You need to use an Oracle database link in combination with a trigger, it's pretty straightforward once you get your head around it.

    First, set up your tnsnames.ora on the source server so you can do a tnsping to the destination, i.e. run

    tnsping targetdatabase

    and get a positive response

    Then, to create the link, as the sys user on your source database, run:

    create public database link <LINKNAME> connect to <DESTINATIONUSER> IDENTIFIED BY <DESTPASSWORD> using 'targetdatabase';

    Then write your trigger as normal, adding an @targetdatabase at the end of your insert statement, for example:

    This query acts on your local database

    SELECT name FROM scott.emp;

    This query acts on your remote database

    SELECT name FROM scott.emp@targetdatabase;

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    before each and every thing oracle can run on abode windows. i do not comprehend if CITRIX received't help you run an Oracle Database. There are some seen problem-free linux implementations, yet I recommend you study a actual programming language. Oracle has shopper software that permits you to attach to the database. You in reality run the oracle server on the Unix device and connect to it on the abode windows device. CITRIX looks to easily be a miles off login by an internet site. sounds like distant login for newbs to me. Linux and Unix have supported this for years. you should use telnet, ssh to login to the terminal. you are able to also run an XServer and set the exhibit variable and get a GUI. I attempt this each and each and every of the time with CYGWIN which has XServer, so i do not comprehend what the purpose of creating use of CITRIX somewhat is.

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    Maybe a Ethernet cable

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    Joe Willy Neckbone says, " I don't rightly know the answer to this question, but I will be right here when you ask a question that I do know the answer to."

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