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Rapper comes to school...Guy friend acting REALLY strange!! Jealousy?? HELP!!?

Ok, so today a rapper came to our school and performed. I got his autograph. When I told one of my guy friends, this was his reaction:

"Oh...<Rapper's name>! <Rapper's name>! <Rapper's name>! I don't care about your f****ing rapper ok??"

I told him he was jealous of every guy I talked to and then he replies, "Oh! You want my shoe (he took it off and started giving it to mt), the rapper wore it! Or you want this bottle?? He sucked on it!"

I told him he was being jealous and hen he says, "I'm not jealous of your f***ing <rapper's name>.


Later when I said hi to him he said, "Shut up." Then I told him "Merry Christmas" when I was leaving in good spirit, and he snickered with a friend of his. NOW he's ignoring me on MSN. He's done this before too, saying I was in love with a friend of his. Now that friend of his is not all that friendly to me.

What's wrong with this guy?? All I did was get an autograph!!


this friend is 15, i'm 14.

i met him about 1 month ago

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    he likes you and is to shy/embarrased to say so. he is scared of what might happen. so he feels silly when you are interacting with others.

    When you now try to be nice he gets embarrased again cause he thinks you thought what he did was stupid...endless cycle.

    Give it some distance for a bit then tell him something disarming. like make up you did something silly (not in the same way) and laugh with him about it, thats a good way to disarm someone.

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    Yeah, I have acted just like her in the past. Are you both very young? I was a teenager when I was like that. She has some big insecurities, but she doesn't see her part in what is going on. It would be great if she could see a good therapist or counselor - that's what helped me. But you have to be very careful about making this suggestion, she will probably take offense. Have a talk alone with her and ask her to explain what she wants. Listen to her and don't tell her she is wrong, just listen and ask questions to help her clarify what she means. Occassionally paraphrase what she has said and ask her if you understand her correctly. That will help you understand and it will help her calm down. AFTER she has completely told you everything, and she feels that you have understood her, you can very gently make suggestions for what she can do to help fit in.

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    I think you are being a little out of line. Your friend is just trying to protect you from the rapper lifestyle. I think he made some good points and is concerned about you.

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    well idk what hs problem is maybe he likes you or maybe is doesnt want you to get in to the rapper lifestyle because he is scared for you just stand by and try to be nice tell him hey and when he doesnt say anything back dont let him know your hurt if he doesnt say it back just let it play its self out

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    He is being a total idiot, ignore him!

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