Can pregnancy tests lie??

I took 3 pregnancy tests cuz my period hasn't comed. 2 say positive 1 say negative. So does it mean I am pregnant or can it lie?? I am 19....still in high school.....and if I am pregnant my father would kill me. But thats another can they lie??

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    A pregnancy test rarely would give a false positive. It is more common to have a false negative if you test too early. A pregnancy test measures the level of HCG levels present in your body. HCG is a hormone released in only pregnant women. That is why if a pregnancy test comes out positive, it is rarely wrong. You cant have a positive pregnancy test without having HCG present. You can try taking a blood test at a doctor's office. A blood test would be more accurate being that it measures higher levels of HCG than a urine test. Your parents dont have to know just yet. It can be kept confidential. Also wait another week before testing again if you are unsure of the previous results. But more than likely it seems that you are pregnant for the fact that you have received 2 positive results.

    Also, maybe your father wont take it as hard as you may think. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant. Me and my boyfriend were arguing about whether or not we should tell my parents. Like you I was scared to death. When we finally told him he was upset for a few days. He wouldnt talk to me for about a week. He is still a little disappointed but now we are communicating again.

    Hope everything work out well. Good Luck.

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    Can Home Pregnancy Test Lie

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    False positives are extremely unlikely. There are only 3 possible reasons:

    1) You have recently been pregnant

    2) You are taking hormone drugs

    3) You only looked at the test after more than 10 minutes, or longer. If you only saw a positive long after the time had elapsed you can get an evaporation line that looks like a positive.

    If you get a positive within the time it says to use the test, it won't be wrong.

    You might get a negative with different brands because some are more sensitive than others.

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    the negative was probably because there wasnt enough hcg to detect at the time, it all varies from what time of day you take the test, morning is always best as thats when your body carries most hcg. it also depends on how late you were when you took the tests, but 99% of the time, if you have a positive then you are pregnant hun, and in your case, youve had 2 positives, so yes, id say you were pregnant. im sorry that you could have a hard time with your father hun, but always remember...youre 19! not a full adult i wouldnt say, but youre not a child either. and also remember that this is your desision as to what to do, no body elses, no matter how much people may protest it. they will all come around in the end hun, good luck, xxx

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    They can say negative, when in fact you are pregnant.. if you take the test at a time the hormones are low in your body. But it is very unlikely that you will get a false positive. If you have had two that say positive.... you are pregnant baby.

    I had to take six pregnancy test before one came out positive for my first baby. I was almost 3 months late,.... so yes, they can say negative, when it's positive... but it will not say positive when it is negative. I wish you luck... I was in your shoes once, except... I was 15 and in high school when I became pregnant with my first. I am 23 now, with three beautiful children, all for the same man, my husband... lol. So things can work out for you... just hang in there.

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    No pregnancy tests don't lie, they detect a hormone called HCG in your urine. This hormone is only produced when you are pregnant. The negative test could be from not urinating on it long enough or you didnt take it first thing in the morning or your urine was diluted and it didnt detect the hormone I would say the chances of you being pregnant are very good. Good Luck and know that everything will work out in the end.

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    rarely...but my sisters doctor always says that if it says positive you're pregnant no doubt about it because of the pregnancy hormone. I never had a false positive before. I would say chances are you are pregnant. Especially if the negative was the last test you took because if you drank water to make you go to the bathroom then you diluted your urine which means its an inaccurate reading. Good luck.

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    The test can't "lie" but the pregnancy hormone can be so low that the test is unable to detect it yet. Take the next test early in the morning. Take it as soon as you wake up, the first time you use the bathroom. That has the most pregnancy hormone in it.

    Go to the doctor and let them give you a test. You don't have to go to your family doctor. You can go to a free clinic or someplace like Planned Parenthood.

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    The only way you can get a false positive is if you on meds to get pregnant and they have the HcG hormone in them. It is much more common to get a false negitive. You need to get pernatle care for you and your baby. I was 17 when I had my first baby, and its hard, but I dont think its as bad as some make it out to be. Im 19 as well and have a 28 month old, and a 7 month old and they are the best thing in my life, they make my life worth wild. Best of luck hunny and remember, your parents might get upset, but life they love you, they will stand by you and help you through anything. Best of luck to you and everything will work out, you will see.

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    It's possible to get a false negative (it says negative but you are preggo) if you took the test too early or didn't do it right.

    But it's a rare and unlikely occurence to get a false positive. If the test says positive you can bank on it. So get over your denial, go to the dr and face the consequences of your actions.

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