please I need your opinion either you're a man or a woman?

1 year ago in my professionnal activity I've met a man./we didn't know each other but he was watching me all the time so I thought that maybe he was finding me pretty.2 months later we worked together for 1 month and I had the feeling he likes me.we haven't seen each other during the winter holidays and after that I've seen he had a girlfriend.after another 6 months I got another job so I stopped seeing him.but I sent him an sms for proposing him a coffee and he called me back.we took that coffee together and he began watching me again like the first time.1 month ago I was told that he is no longer with his girlfriend.he called me for proposing me to see each other, I said yes.he insisted so much for me to go to his appartement.I refused as I wasn't sure about his feelings and intentions.but I really like him and I don't know what to think you think he likes me?please excuse my english.I am a foreigner.thank you for your opinion & advice

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    i think meeting in public would be better, whatever reason he might say.. if he says he's ok with it, then u can meet for more outdoor activities..get to know him, especially his negative side..(cuz thats wat ppl usually forget..) .. if he's disappointed that u reject his invitation to his apartment, then he's probably a bastard..he's looking for a fling.. if he's genuinely interested, he'll comply with whatever you're comfortable with, and he won't insist so much on somethin knowing that u don't feel comfortable with it.. so be careful k..

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    I think he feels you like him in a different way. If you refuse to go to his apartment and he is still interested in you, there is a chance that he may really like you but if not then he only wanted to take you to bed. A guy like that is no good.

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    43 female here. Go out with him in public for a while. Tell him you need to know his intentions. If he scares you listen to your gut instinct. If that is the case stay away from him altogether. Be careful.

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    i think there is no problem go see you think he likes you?

    let that for the days..........

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