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What is a good name for a small female dog?

I would like one that is in a different language, and means something sweet. Thanks!

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    La Petite is French for the little one

    Chiquita in spanish

    Colibri is french for hummingbird

    Walela in Cherokee pronounced wah lay lah.

    Liebling is German for loved one.

    What color is the dog?

    Maybe Blanca spanish/french for white or Weisse in german pronounced Vice uh

    Schmetterling is butterfly in German

    Papillon in French

    Marguerite is daisy in French

    Margarita in Spanish

    Jonquille is daffodil in French

    Maravilla is marigold in French and spanish

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    My sis has this cute lil female Min Pin..her dog's name is Mitzi. Its german. Meaning, sea of bitterness. Might not be too sweet , but its a different language and a name I dont hear often.

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    Not good with foreign languages, but some cute girl names for small dogs are Bitsy, Lilbit, Honey, Sugar, Baby, Tiny, Tina, Tia, Mia, Mandi, Misty......Congrats on the new baby or soon to be new baby!

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    My sister had an adorable dog named Gentille (pronounced Zshahn-tee) which is french for "pretty". We would either call her Gentille or sometimes just Titi.

    She was a great dog and I think it's a fantastic name for a small adorable dog.

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    Chi-sai (pronounced Chee Sigh) would be perfect it is the femine word for little puppy. Its Chinese. This one is my personal favorite!

    or if your looking fo a more latino word Chica would be cute it means little girl.

    or possible Chaquita which also means lil girl both of those are spanish

    Source(s): Personal I once had a puppy named Chi-Sai R.I.P. Unfortunatly when I left to go out of town the sitter I left her with let her out and was not watching her and she got out the fence and was hit by the mail man she didn't make it she was only 6 months old. ;(
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    just call her name in wadever flowers u like most!

    but then i dont have a pet :P......i love to have one small female dog too

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    Zarah, it means the light of the morning star in arabic. if your pup brightens your life then its a good name

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    1 decade ago

    DAISY-----well as i know many languages i ll translate them for ya...






    i think daisy is da best name for female dogs-so i just told u it in many languages,(btw:can u plzzzz chooz one of my names?!)(ill be happy)(ER)

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    Ki'ilani = heavenly image

    call her Ki'i (key-ee) for short

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