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How do you cook an egg sunny side up?

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    In skillet over medium-high heat, cook butter until just hot enough to sizzle a drop of water. Break and slip eggs into skillet; reduce heat immediately. Cook slowly to desired doneness, spooning ("basting") butter over eggs.

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    Heat some oil in a pan.

    Take the egg and be careful while breaking the shell , just hit with a tea spoon to make it crack and then break further with your hand and slowly drop the contents inside in the pan and discard the shell.

    With the spoon just start putting few drops of hot oil on the egg without disturbing or flipping over.

    Accordingly once cooked to your satisfaction take a flat base spoon and carefully take the fired egg out patiently.

    Put salt and pepper to taste.


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    I spray a nonstick skillet or melt a little butter in it, then break the eggs and put in the skillet, without breaking the yolks. Let them cook gently until the whites turn opaque. Then I drop a few drops of water in the pan and put on a lid just until the membrane over the yolk is almost opaque. They're done.

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    take your non stick pan, put it on an element at medium low heat, put a touch of oil in it, then crack the egg/s in the pan and turn it to low heat, let it cook on low heat until the whites are totally cooked (you can splash a touch of water on the whites if you must but don't cover). Before it is totaly cooked don't forget to season.

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    here is the trick to cooking an egg without breaking it.

    1. low heat

    2. crack the egg into a pan with oil or whatever spray u want to use

    3. slow cook the egg .. throw a lid on the pan for about 1-2 mins .. and you are done!

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    You put egg with oil in a hot frying pan then turn down the heat and cover pan. cook on very low heat till the white sets.

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    warm ur saucepan with oil. Next, crack egg into the mould on circle and wait for the base to cook and firmed. once done that, set egg aside to self cook for another2 mins and serve.

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    In a Skillet, just crack it into a hot pan and let it cook without turning it, but not too hot as the bottom will burn. cook until the clear is all white.

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    That's a good question, I was wondering the same thing myself

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    Sunny side up mean's you don't flip the have to fry a bit lower temp.wise so it cooks all the way so any samonella germ's are destroyed.Fried egg's are flipped and can be cooked faster at a higher temp.

    Source(s): 45 years of cooking.
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    I think it depends

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