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Why doesn't Russia just let Chechnya go?

Chechnya has been fighting to get out from under Russia's thumb for over 200 years. Why is Chechnya so important to Russia?

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    Chechnya succeeded, and Russia went to war with it, called the First Chechen War. Russia was defeated and Chechnya gained independence. In 1999 Russia started the Second Chechen War in attempt to regain Chechnya. Russia was somewhat successful in defeating Chechnya and setting up a Russian regime. Russia was able to eliminate many prominent leaders including the former president Aslan Maskhadov(not sure on spelling).

    Basically Russia wants to keep Chechnya apart of Russia, no matter how much of a pain all the fighting that still continues, because of the humiliation it cause Russia during the first war. Russia doesn't want to appear weak for not being able to control a rouge territory, as it is a major world power.

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    Why is Ameica more interested in screwing up in Iraq then in say, Afganistan?




    Billions and Billions of dollars worth of OIL

    Once you understand that it's oil and not love that makes the world go around, then you will be prepared for the worst.

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    Who knows? But apparently they'd go as far as killing a spy to get what they want.

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