Ohio State Standards?

What are the admission criteria for Ohio State i have a 3.3 gpa and a 27 act score will i stand a good chance in getting in?

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    I copied the info below. The links may lay out the data more clearly for you. OSU is highly competitive academically....if you are a Ohio resident, you stand a FAR greater chance of being admitted. Read the info below or visit the admissions website for more info as to why....

    Three primary factors are considered in our competitive admission review process:

    Successful completion of the college preparatory curriculum while in high school. The minimum college prep requirements are listed below. Numbers in ( ) represent the recommended number of units for strong preparation.

    4 units of college prep English

    (4) 3 units of college prep math

    (3) 2 units each of college prep science, social science, and the same foreign language

    1 unit of a visual or performing art

    1 additional unit of the above courses

    Students exceeding the minimum curriculum in math, natural resources, or foreign language will be given additional consideration.

    Performance in high school as shown by class rank or grade point average.

    Performance on the ACT or SAT.

    Profile of the admitted freshman class of 2006


    Class rank by percentile

    Percentage of class in this percentile

    90th or better 44

    80th or better 70

    70th or better 86

    60th or better 95

    50th or better 99



    score SAT Critical Reading and Math score Percentage

    of class in this score range (first column is ACT, second is SAT and last column is the percent of student body)

    30+ 1340 - 24

    26+ 1180 - 67

    24+ 1090 - 87

    Other academic stats:

    High school valedictorians in the class: 290

    National Merit/Achievement/Hispanic Scholars: 127

    Percent of first-year students who received merit awards: 50

    First-year students in University Honors: 1483

    While in high school:

    27% held an elected student office

    65% worked part time

    27% received recognition for community service

    13% won an award for scientific work

    57% earned a varsity letter

    52% received an award for leadership

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