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Do those who support the ISG have the interest of Iraq or their party in mind?

"The President of Iraq, Jalal Talabani, has broadly condemned the findings of President George Bush's Iraq Study Group as an "insult to the people of Iraq".

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    Those who support the ISG have absolutely no idea what is in the best interest of Iraq. I also believe that claiming the ISG is "President George Bush's" is misleading when the group was assembled at the urging of Congress not the president. Regardless, the ISG have provided no new ideas for success in Iraq. They want us to "talk with Syria and Iran so they'll help us" which has already been tried long ago, and then withdrawl troops on a time-table that is harmful to the Iraqi government.

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    Do you mean democrat or republican?

    And maybe the bests interests of Iraq could have been addressed by NOT GOING THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

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    Over the people of Iraq? NO Iraq knows what is best for themselves.

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    I haven't read the ISG report. But from what I heard so far, it's the same old chit every other study has produced.

    I think it's time we start dusting off a few nukes.

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    American Casualties in Iraq: 2931

    American Wounded: 21,778

    Civilians reported killed since military intervention in Iraq: 55,774

    The War in Iraq Costs


    The Outstanding Public Debt as of 12 Dec

    is: $8,664,647,641,526.75

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    It's nice to know that you care more about Muslims than you do about Americans.

    They have a word to describe people like that...

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    See! You cant trust this Democratic Media where most of Americans are getting their "politcal" information about the war, and the war itself.

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    They have the interests of their warped worldview in mind.

  • It's time to walk the walk.

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