taking notes!!!!!?

what are different types of note taking!!!!!!!!!

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    I like taking notes in outline form. You create a main heading for the topic, then create subheadings for stuff included in that topic.

    For example, say the topic is Cars. Subtopics might be types of cars like Coupe, Sedan, Truck. Further subtopics within those might be makes and models, and beyond that you could note characteristics specific to each.



    ---- Make: Chevrolet

    ---- Model: Monte Carlo

    ------- Looks nice, but eats gas like a mofo.

    ------- V6 or V8 supercharged.


    ---- Make: Ford

    ---- Model: Crown Victoria

    -------- Used by many sheriff and police stations.

    -------- Big engine.

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    It depends on what you are noting.

    1. If you have to note down fastly.. Short Hand is the technique

    2. some small book to note down

    3. Notepad in computer

    4. downlaod sticky notes from the internet (Turbo notes) and use it for small sticky notes on your desktop

  • i guess to record teachers voice is the best bcoz a person can never copy 100% lecture in a note book

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