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Anyone know of a hair color for natural redheads to cover gray that will look natural and not orange?

I'm mid-40's and a natural redhead, but slowly getting gray at the temple areas. I'd like a natural looking color that will cover the gray. Most hair color companies make hair color for those with brown hair. I've only tried semi-permanent. The best match I found was casting colorspa by L'oreal in a color called amber, though this is getting hard to find in stores. Plus, I'd like somethig with better gray coverage.

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    Hello im a hair dresser and i wanna tell you 1rst off stop useing over the counter tints..they contain metal salts and my damage your hair..There is a product called Miss Clariol when you buy this you can mix it with 4oz cream delp to 2 oz of color then to cover your gray you need grey drops to every 0z of color use 10 drops of grey drops this will cover the hard to cover white hair...I should know im 90% Grey and i have the problem as well to cover that nasty grey hair.any other question please IM me ...Oh the store you can get the color in is Sally's Beauty Supplys

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    A lot of girls around my college campus use henna to give their hair a reddish tint. It doesn't look orange - kinda bronzy. It looks much nicer than other hair colouring techniques I've seen. I don't know how it would be at covering grey, but as it IS a natural option, it's probably worth a try.

    Source(s): Here's a site with some information on it: http://www.hennaforhair.com/henna/index.html
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    Sally Beauty Supply Ion Light Copper Blond with 30 developer. I have natural auburn hair and this covers my gray perfectly.

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    if you go to CVS then there are plenty of haircolors and you can just choose which color you want. I would go with a perminant color now , since you are starting to get gray hairs. If you dont want gray hair then you are gonna have to keep coloring it so i would just do it perminant instead of waiting every month to color it with a wash out color.

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    I love plum eye shadow, but only use sparingly because you are young. Try using a nice natural beige tone as a base for your eyeshadow, and then just blend a little plum (or even a moss green colour) into your socket. (Stay away from golds, or browns etc because they don't reallly compliment your skin tone. If you are pale (like me stay away from ddark blues because they wash you out!) Try to steer away from black mascara and eyeliner, it is just too much for pale skin and looks FAKE basically. Instead opt for brown/black and a lighter eyeliner. TIP! You do not need a dark eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger. I use a medium brown on my upper lashes and then line my lower lashes with a pink/peach colour and blend well. It makes me look very awake, and natural! Go for pink/peach tones for blush and try to keep your foundation as close to your natural colour as possible. Have fun trying lots of new colours out and just go with what you feel comfortable in.

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    Hunny if you find it let me know. Ive been trying to get my own hair color for a while now to get rid of other colors I have blended in...like the natural blonde(i have strawberry blonde hair)i dont want orange hair anymore! I want my dark hair that I get in the spring but I dont want to wait *laughs*

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    if you have blonde hair it will naturally get bleached by the sun in the summer. There had been this guy in my class who had golden blonde hair that has been a medium brown near the bottom part. When he came back to school after summer vacation, it was almost platinum blonde!

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    Jet black hair. I have really dark brown hair and I believe dark hair looks better. I don't really like blonde hair.

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    Reverse Your Gray Hair - http://grayhairgone.siopu.com/?WIQ

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    Why don't you consult and stylist and colour expert?

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