For Psychics Please....Question about me (Libra) and a guy that I like (Gemini)..What is our Future?

I am very interested in what those of you with psychic ability can see about a situation. Please, only those who are psychic.

My birthday is September 24, 1973. His is June 9, 1981. We have been seeing each other off and on for the past two years. We both date other people, but our attraction is out of this world! I want more.

1. is he receptive to this?

2. Is he significantly seeing anyone else?

3. How does he really feel about me?

Thanks, and either way, I will enjoy your answers!

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    Libra and Gemini are both air signs, and being of the same element the two of you are quite compatible. Geminis are very open, communicative, intelligent and flirtatious (I should know - I dated one), and Librans are just as communicative and intelligent (my mother is a Libra).

    One thing you should do is overcome one issue that some Librans have - indecisiveness or not having a clear point. Tell this guy exactly how you feel about him, and pique his interest. He will likely want to know more about what you feel. This could be just the push your friendship needs to get the old attractions sparking off again - though remember that some Geminis have short attention spans. To make it work and keep things together, both of you will always have to be exploring different things together - and this will also help you keep a Libran balance in life.

    EVERY combination has the potential for success. You just have to figure out how to make it work for the two of you.

  • Rose
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    Hmmm, i would say that are future is not fixed. A psychic would see the future that will happen, unless something changes, meaning the vision will aso change. A lot of the people who 'answered' this are pissing me off. "Are you a retard?"--No, s/he is not! That was stupid and uncalled for. "But...Psychics ARE fakes"--How could you possibly know, just because you THINK you know, doesn't mean your right! All of you need to groow the hell up, you all have the right to your opinions but s/he wasn't asking for them, s/he wanted her questioned answered! Dont write ANYTHING if t doesn't contain an answer that s/he was looking for when s/he asked! So, why the heck did you even go onto this question? S/He doesn't give a damn about your opinions! Just grow up a bit, if your not here to really answer than get off of this page.

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    Sorry. I am not a psychic but I do know a little bit about astrology and I have had personal experiences. I am a Libra and on several occasions have had relationships with Gemini's. They were all very sexually charged. You could literally feel the attraction when close. They never lasted though. It was always lust and never love. One ended very badly. My advice. Have fun but be careful!

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    U can look up the compatibility between both of your signs on yahoo astrology.(sorry not a psychic) just a fan of horoscopes.

    Source(s): then enter horoscopes in the search section
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    Gemini's are two people, very social and flirtatious. They can be shallow and insincere. If you happen to find the right one you'll be really lucky as long as you can keep him interested and don't mind his friendliness to others.

    Source(s): I am a gemini and a psychic.
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    OKay I am commenting on the last comment posted. I was reading this with my best friend and MY birthday is sept. 25 and HERs is june 6! Weird how that turned out :)

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    1. Yes.

    2. Yes.

    3. Talk to him and find out.

    No, I am not psychic.

    Yes, you are a lunatic.

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    thts cool my b-day is sep.25 and my bf's if june 6

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    you belive in PSYCHICS?

    its a scam you know, you need some help, i worried about you.....

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