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Do you know what Melaleuca is?

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    it's tea tree oil. Melaleuca is the name of the plant that it comes from and has a lot of healing properties. it's not like amway but they do have some gret products for people with chemically sensitive skin.

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    What are you referring to the oil or the company? Either way they both are AWESOME!!!

    Melaleuca is the pharmaceutical name for tea tree oil, that is among the natural ingredients used in Melaleuca, Inc.'s products. Their products are safer for your home and the environment, cost-effective, and delivered to your door!

    As if that weren't enough they allow you to earn 'thank you' checks for being customers by simply referring others to the company. Many people, myself included have taken that as far as supplementing and replacing our incomes!

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    Melaleuca is one of the world's fastest-growing companies.

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    It is tea tree oil. It is a natural germ-killer, and is good for things like acne. It has not been known to cause resistant bacteria like triptophan (a commonly used germ-killer) does. Also, it was used on those injured in war before antibiotics were discovered. It is sometimes used in natural toothpastes and other natural products, but it can be poisonous when taken internally. Therefore, it is best for external application.

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    It's a tree. The flowers smell like mashed potatoes, and here in Florida we have an eradication program, because it is a non-native invasive tree. It has a flaky bark, that we use for lining hanging flower baskets, etc.

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    A shrubbery

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    Yes. My friend sells it. You can look it up on line. Its kinda like Amway...

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