Just what exactly is Murphy's Law, and who is this Murphy fellow anyway?

It's been bugging me recently...

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    People seem to exhausted their own verbal answers to your question. I've provided a link which can complement their answers and provide greater detail for you. Hope this helps some.

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    Murphy's 3 laws rule the universe. Rule no 1 is well known but is often misunderstood. There are a billion more ways anything can be wrong and only one way something can be right. So the chances are that something will be wrong (By the way... this first law has never been disproved)

    Law no 2: The more we look for answers the more questions we will have. So there can never be a time that we can say ...we know it. The horizon is always just out of reach.

    Law no 3: If I prove your theory incorrect does not mean that my theory is correct. But even some of the greatest scientists do not adhere to this law. The disregard for this law is often seen in the fight between Intelligent design and Evolution.

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    Ahh these laws are supposed to have originated at the Edwards Air Force Base in 1948, which ultimately states things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance. The term "Murphy" may have been coined in an adverse reaction when Edward Murphy said something about failing of measuring devices. Though, nobody knows for sure. There are a lot of Murphy laws, geez. But they are all very pessimistic :(

    "You will go in the slowest lane of the road, INVARIABLY"

    "If you attempt to change, you will still be on the slowest lane"

    or something like that, is one I can remember

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    Murphy's law is a popular adage in Western culture that most likely originated at Edwards Air Force Base in 1948. The Law broadly states that things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance. "If there's more than one way to do a job, and one of those ways will result in disaster, then somebody will do it that way." It is most often cited as "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" (or, alternately, "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time," or, "Anything that can go wrong, will").

    Murphy's Law is sometimes confused with Finagle's Corollary, which is also known as Sod's law.

    Per the 1948 theory, in American culture the law was named somewhat sarcastically[1][2] by Stapp's Team working on Project MX981 at Edwards Air Force Base after Major Edward A. Murphy, Jr., a development engineer contributing support measurement technology for a brief time on rocket sled experiments done by the United States Air Force in 1948 with inveterate adage collector and the law's undoubted populizer Doctor/Colonel John Paul Stapp, a former next-door neighbor and friend of Murphy.

    The most detailed examination of the origins of the Law is the book A History of Murphy's Law[citation needed] by author Nick T. Spark. Spark concludes that differing recollections years later by various participants make it impossible to pinpoint who exactly coined the phrase. The Law supposedly stems from an attempt to use new measurement devices developed by the eponymous Edward Murphy, and was coined in adverse reaction to something Murphy said when his devices failed to perform and eventually cast into its present form prior to a press conference some months later, the first ever (of many) given by Colonel Stapp, The fastest man on earth.

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    Anything that can go wrong will that's Murphy's Law

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    give a search at google, you will know murphy is a myth, and compilation by many. you may make one too.

    Murphy's law (by me) : You either make a clever question or a clever answer. Theres hardly ever a match of the two.

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    basically Murphy's law says that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Murphy is just some unlucky sob

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    i don't know who this murphy is but I think he's law goes something like

    if something can go wrong it will

    and it will go wrong in the worst way possible

    this murphy guy is such a pessimist but he's also well-prepared

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    Murphy was a luckless Irishman, I presume. His law is:

    "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong - at the worst possible time!"

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    murphy's law is :a tendency for bad things to happen whenever it is possible for them to do so

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