scratch resistant coating for eyeglass lens?

How can I keep my eye glass lens from scratching?

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    Scratch-Resistant Coatings

    No eyeglass lens material — not even glass — is scratch-proof. However, a lens that is treated front and back with a clear, hard coating does become more resistant to scratching,

    Today most types of plastic lenses, including high-index, polycarbonate and traditional plastic materials such as CR-39, have built-in scratch-resistant coatings.

    Since a scratch-resistant coating can't completely protect your lenses from wear and tear, do keep your glasses in a cushioned case, and clean them with a microfiber cloth and the cleaning solution your optician recommends. Also, be wary of those products that promise to repair your scratched lenses. They may fill in the cracks of the scratches, but it is nearly impossible for them to make the scratches disappear so the lenses look new again.

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    Ray-Ban Survivors Collection sunglasses feature a coating that offers 10 times the scratch-resistance of conventional glass lenses.

    The DiamondHard® technology involves coating the lenses with a film of diamond-like carbon (DLC) that not only provides scratch-protection but additionally reduces surface friction, so that the lenses shed water more easily to reduce spotting. The film coatings are supplied by Diamonex Optical Products Group, Allentown, Pennsylvania, which employs a modified version of a dual ion beam bonding process originally developed by Lewis Research Center.

    The hardest substance known, diamond offers a wide range of potential applications but the potential was slow to develop because of the high cost.

    Among the coating methods developed was a technique known as direct ion deposition, in which an ion generator creates a stream of ions from a hydrocarbon gas source; the carbon ions impinge directly on the target substrate and "grow" into a thin DLC film.

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    Try a PVDF coating or kynar lamination.U need to use spin coat tech.

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