Should I forgive my Jo-Jo?

Ok so this is what happened I was in a band concert last sunday and I wanted my grandma to be there so like25min.before i had to be there she calls me and tells me that she fell asleep and didnt know if she could make it and that she would try and about 3 min. later she called and said that she could not make it and she didnt even make an effort to try and we told her and reminded her for a whole month (she said she wuold come )but the thing that tikes me off is that if it was my cousins concert she wuold go 3 miles over the speed limit just to be there also she makes cornny excusses like my brothers base ball game she said she could not make it because it was to dark to get on the highway at night when she goes to my cousins house to baby sit at night also we live closer and I dont get to see her not even once a moth when she sees my cousin once a day she sent me flowers and on the card sheonly said four words if it was my cousins lost then it was an essay it hurt me very bad

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    1 decade ago
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    yes u should

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