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if god can do anything?

then how come he doesnt answer prayers of those who pray for unnatural things to occur? such as amputee regrowing limbs? a person in trouble the ability to fly to safety? or a wind pick him up and carry him and only him safely to another spot? why does he only answer prayers that can happen regardless of prayer.


here i clerify what im asking

if all things are possible in god, then why do impossible things never happen?

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    Your question reminds me of a story my husband likes to tell about a devout Christian woman who was in a flood. She wouldn't leave her home - she kept saying she was sure that God would take care of her. She wound up sitting on the roof of the house - so high was the water - and a small boat came by and offered her a ride. She refused, saying God will save me. A helicopter came by and offered to save her and she refused saying God will save me. Naturally, she died - and when she met God she said "How come you didn't save me? I prayed and I waited and you did nothing for me!" and God said to her "Who do you think sent the boat and the helicopter".

    The bottom line is there are rules in this existence and we learn them as unshakable facts from the moment we are born. God must work within the parameters set by our own mind in order for the game to make any sense, ultimately. I mean, what's the use of being here at all if you dont' want to follow the rules? What good it is to come here if we are just going to magik everything our own way?



    The impossible happens every day! The Democrats took back the house and the senate in 1 election. The one minute mile was something that everyone believed was impossible. People are miraculously healed by a variety of methods. My mother in law was even nice to me that last time I saw her - talk about miracles!

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    This is a rhetorical question I am sure, but the outline of how prayer doesn’t work is in the link.

    Basically you can not test god with prayer, and when true believers pray for unnatural things (even if they are not testing god) it is gods will that he not answer prayers. This is the argument why won’t he help? It says in the bible that ask of anything in the name of the lord and it will be given unless you are testing the lord. We (you and I) cannot use our praying as an example of the illegitimacy of prayer since the bible contradicts this act the whole argument would be void, rather we can witness true believes prayers go unanswered. The people who live through tragedies “by praying” tell all their buddies god saved them. People who die in tragedies when they pray to god well they don’t tell any one anything. And people will say when god doesn’t answer that’s it was his will, if it was his will then why pray to start with? Does god just pick and choose which prayers to answer? Or does he contort our prayers into some other meaning and answer the twisted meaning (many Christians suggest this)? It is obvious to see how the prayer delusion works,

  • Well the answer to this is simple - God created Time. Time therefore needed a past, present and future to let us humans understand chronological concepts like creation and such. Well then this god guy created a race of humans that actually think we look like him! Well he thought it was blasphemous so he packed up and went through a black hole to create new humans without such flaws as we have.

    Also your question proves my allegory since you assume god answers prayers and hears them. Plus you assume god has ears!!! What an egotistically inferior human thing to think or say. Why would a being so far different and full of awe be brought down to your level?

    Just food for thought - there really isn't a god, nor Boogey man, nor Easter bunny. Well I hope there is a Boogey man... That would be cool!

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    People do ask questions like this all the time and yeah it is kinda tough to answer. Because I don't know everything, I try. But I guess kinda the way I see it is, if God just handed everything to us on a silver platter and prevented every single bad thing from happening in our life we would think we wouldn't need Him.. For most people times of chaos is the only time they cry out to God because most of the time they think they can do it all on their own. Truth is, we can't do it all on our own.

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    Well God does answer prayer. But the answer you are looking for might not be the one that he gives you. So maybe at times he wants you to use the situation to help others or to make sure that you ask him for more specific things that we wants to ask.

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    Nothing is impossible with God.Everything a person goes through is to teach us something.My child has a rare genetic difference,I pray with expectation.God has used her to teach many people,love, patience,commitment,tolerance.If it were not for her life and her differences some would not be changed and have learned the things she has imparted to others.She has changed me,I have had a broken heart,a restored heart,anger,love,understanding.Her life has caused me to draw closer to God,trust him deeper then ever before.I'm not saying this has been easy,but I believe its the hard things that teach the most.Do I believe God will heal her YES,in his time.

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    We as human beings do not know what is best for us. Therefore we cannot expect that everything we ask God for He should do for us.You have to Know God and His will for you to be comfortable with how He works. If God answered all our 'good' prayers we would be in a lot of trouble as we are not wise and we do not know everything.

    His priority is for our souls to be saved all other things are extras.

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    Because God is an invention of man's - not the other way around.

    Human amputees can't regrow limbs, but lobsters and crabs can - maybe THEY were created in his image and we've been reading a book intended for crustaceans.

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    Without suffering there would be no compassion. If something is asked for that is NOT God's will, then no it will not happen. Everything is in HIS own time. People don't understand that and they probably never will. As far as Him answering prayers that would happen already, says who? How do YOU know that? It's called faith. God Bless


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    to the OP, have you considered the possibility that some of those things, while unpleasant, have important reasons to be as such?

    and MOST things that need to be done, can be done within the scope of "natural" occurances. and theres no reason to disrupt things by causing it to happen in "unnatural" ways.

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