My son is seven months old I need help with sleep training I started last weekend the let cry method?

Anyway its been over a week and he only slept through the night two nights in a row just this weekend and then last night he was crying non stop again and I finally had to go get him. How long does this take ?my Dr. told me only three days and recommended this torture... but it has been 10 days now. I have to give up this on this method because I really can't take it. I feel so bad for him. Just when I thought he wouldn't cry anymore he starts crying again last night.

Anyone with experience on this please help .... how long or often did your baby cry and how many weeks or days did it take????? Ten points to anyone that can HELP PLEASE!!!

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    Your son could be teething... I know for our son- who is 14 months- we still and always have had to go get him when he cries... this being because there is always something wrong... either teething, needs more milk, needs Tylenol for the teething, etc. we've had lot's of sleepless nights, but I know if I go get him, try to take care of the problem, rock him back to sleep and lay him down, he's good for a while. I personally can't let my son cry longer than 10 min.... and usually only allow that if I'm stressed over the situation. If indeed your son is teething, he will be waking up more at nights- I found this to be because our son would eat less during the day than he normally would- keep a journal of how much he is eating... this helps you know if they aren't getting enough, or their usual amount. So if you feed him, he might go right back to sleep for you- our son does really well knowing it's day or night time, so he falls asleep easier at night.

    Again, my son is 14 months old, and I had to go get him last night around 5am- when he normally sleeps until 9am... I'm sick, so he could be getting it, that and he has 2 teeth coming in. So we go through stages where he will sleep all night long, and then a week sometimes where he won't. Try rocking him back to sleep and then putting him back down, that usually works for us.

    Goodluck! Hang in there!

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    Hi there. I'm new to this so I hope I'm doing it right.

    Has your son always had problems sleeping? My suggestion is to take him to the chiropractor! I am recommending this to anyone with a baby of any age, even newborns. Find a chiro that treats babies. Its the best thing I ever did for my bub, I took her at 7wks, she's now 12wks. I was desperate after the constant screams and no sleep.

    Apparently most bubs are born with spinal trauma, from the birth process or the position they are in, in the womb. Hence the screams, colic, whatever you want to call it. The most common problems are the pelvis being out and the neck. Problems can also occur as they grow, regular trips to the chiro to check nothing is out.

    My bub has been sleeping 8-10 hrs a night straight for 2 weeks now. Amazing!! She's not a big sleeper during the day, but I'm not complaining. I'm not a fan of letting babies cry. There is a reason. I'm horrified people suggest it, even as newborns.

    Anyway, I hope my suggestion helps, and good luck.

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    The best advice I was given I will gladly pass onto you. A book practically sent from the sleeping gods...! The New Contented Little Baby Book by Gina Ford. Basically it gives you a complete routine of when to feed, when and how long to let them sleep etc. It was FANTASTIC. My little boy (who is now 2) started on this routine when we got home from the hospital. At 1 week old He slept through the night from his last feed at 10:30pm until 7:00am the next day. He soon grew out of this late feed at night and slept through from 7:00pm until 7:00am at the age of 4 months when he started on some solids.

    I can't stress the wonderfullness of this book enough - apart from the routines that change as your little one gets older, there are heaps of advice Q&A sections about different concerns etc and experiences of other mothers and their children.


    Wishing you all the best - I promise it WILL get better.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    I have a three month baby and she sleeps all through the night. What I do is fix her a bottle and take her a bath every night. I never let her sleep much after 8:00 depending on what time I go to sleep. I trained her by the time I got ready to go to sleep. Now she goes to sleep around 10:00 so I'm suggesting to keep him up about one to two hours before you go to sleep then take him a warm bath give him a warm bottle rub some night time lotion on him and let him watch T.V. in the dark and should fall right asleep. It works for me. If you don't want him to watch T.V. rock him while feeding him the bottle and make sure he is relaxed and comfortable.

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    The cry it out method won't make your son sleep through the night, it will only teach him to be able to comfort himself back to sleep when he does wake up. Some people advocate the "cold turkey" method, but I'm on your side - my son cried so much he vomited. Go in after a few minutes and comfort him without picking him up. Gradually increase the time you wait before going in.

    It's agony for you, and there will be "relapses" even when he's a toddler. He might also be teething - Hyland's chamomile teething tablets helped for us. Sorry to say, there is no easy way!

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    You and I are very similar. I have always found it hard to put my son to bed because he crys and it breaks my heart. This is why I get my wife to do it :) Anyways, I don't think your doctor has had much experience with putting babies to bed after having them slept with you for a time.

    Basically every child is different. They can begin sleeping throughout the night from the first night you have them sleep on their own or it can take many months (YES MONTHS) to get them to finally sleep through the night. The first variable is the age of the child. If you get them to sleep on their own earlier, they sleep longer without interruptions longer (excluding feeding times of course.)

    My recommendations:

    1) Remind yourself continually that he is just trying to make you feel bad (nothwithstanding sickness) and it is best for him to sleep on his own (he will eventually tire himself out while lying there are fall asleep)

    2) Have late playtime work him out quite a bit so he gets tired

    3) Get him into a routine before bedtime (for us it is always after bathtime)

    4) Use earphones

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    try something different in the room besides what is in it now. Do you have a nightlite? We have 2 in my son's room. There are also toys that hang on the inside of the crib that are easy to start when they hit the button. It has soft music and a little light in it. Maybe put one of your shirts in there so that he sleeps easier because of the comforting smell of his mommy. It may take a few weeks, of trying, but it will be worth it. I think that your doctor may have been selling the time a little short by saying 3 days. good luck.

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    Have you started a bedtime routine? Try giving him a bath, reading him a story, brushing his teeth. This way you are working up to his bedtime. He will be expecting it. Also and most importantly, make sure you put him to bed while he is happy. If you put him down while he is already upset, crying it out won't work. Just keep up the good work. I know that it is hard at first but it is so worth it.

    For my kids, it took about a week for the crying it out method to work. You just have to be really consistent with it. If they think there is any chance you will pick them up, it won't work. Good luck to you.

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    There is no "training" for a child so young. Try rocking him to sleep, or holding and rocking him while walking around, try classical music also. good luck. Only one of my three children ever slept through the night. I have a grandson that still becomes agitated while sleeping. Classical music is a must for him.

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    Letting you baby cry is a really hard thing. Try putting him to sleep at the same time everynight, also give him a bath with lavander soap this helps soothe babies, put him to bed right after bath time. Lay him on his side and play soft music let him cry for about 15-20 min before you even go near the room this should go on the same way everyday for 5 days. it takes time to break babies habits but it gets better

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