Arranged Marriages_?

How would you regard arrange marriages ?

What would you do if you had a sneaking suspicion that your parents are trying to pull one over your eyes ?

Kindly include your culture for frame of reference.

(To get the ball rolling, how different is this to speed dating in the element of uncertainty?)



The complexities of tradition and emancipation of the individual represented by Lexy, scattycat and Simply_Me.

Pro-self relisation and individual’s rights represented by wheelee... and Linda.

Update 2:

Mutual respect in responsibility and commitment is pivotal to natural birthing rights of parents over that of the individual, who has nothing at birth. Each position revolves around prevalent contemporary ideals, tradition and the immediate family unit, as illustrated by Lexy, Simply_Me and scattycat.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    personally, its not for me (im irish) but it is a cultural thing and some cultures value it, and as far as i know, they do try to ensure that the people being matched are well suited to one another, personality wise as well as background. i suppose the advantage is that you go into the marriage with your eyes open knowing its about mutual work and co-operation, without unrealistic expectations, unlike some who have seen too many chick flicks and think its all about extravagant romance. but there is the downside and that is the glaringly obvious fact that such a huge decision is taken out of one's hands. not to mention that a possible reason they are a success is the cultural taboo on broken marriages in societies where they are commonplace. i feel they have little in common with speed dating. okay, there is the element of uncertainty to speed dating, but, there is no commitment, other than the possibility of maybe meeting one or more of the participants again

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  • Lexy
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    1 decade ago

    Arranged marriages can be for the best and some of them do end up in a happy ending. I believe that if someone were willing to go along with it then society should impose their own opinions of it. Everyone is born a different race, different society, different religion, and etc ( whatever it is that makes us unique), and sometimes those factor affect the decisions we make in our lives. My parents are always trying to pull something on over me, but I know that they do it in what they think is the best interest for me, and they do it because they believe it will secure my happiness. I'm half Mexican and half Italian (the Mexican side being the greater influence) and they do not arrange marriages in my family but they do have race requirements (to put it in a less shocking manner). I date outside of those requirements but have been told never to bring a man home to meet them unless its for marriage. Until then they try to set me up with their friends sons.

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  • Helen
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    4 years ago

    Arranged marriage allows you to comment,love marriage doesn't.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I kown it's corny, but like the Yanks say everyone has the right to life, liberty and the persute of happiness yeah.

    regards wheelsteerer

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think its a bit naff,especially when you get young women having to marry dodgey old men they don't even like.Women on the UK have actually been killed because they don't want to marry the man of their families choice,how sad is that!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a Filipino, before, my ancestor do this arranged marriages, but now they are no longer exist as we know how to fight our rights. if our parents have the rights for us as their children and we respect them, then they must respect our rights as well. they are not the one who lived our life to the fullest, it's us. for me arranged marriages are just big unfair for the kids, for me they seems like they took your rights to be responsible to handle your own life. If my parents do that to me, sorry for them as i will fight my freedom to choose, but luckily they are not that kind and i have the freedom to choose who I'm gonna spend my whole life. only they could do is just to support whatever my decision is with their guidance.

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