Christmas party ideas for 1st grade class??!?!?

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I am in charge of the Christmas party for my sisters 1st grade class. She has 22 1st graders, any ideas on how to throw a so fun party???
Update : It is a Catholic School
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Walmart makes the cutest Santa Clause made entirely of cupcakes! It's very reasonable too... about $15 to $20 and it serves around 25.
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  • crazydave answered 7 years ago
    Keep it simple. Don't go crazy with presents. Maybe just little goodie bags with cookies and candy (be aware of any food allergies, the school would know about this). Maybe find a volunteer to show up in a Santa Suit to pass out the goodie bags. And just have a pizza party or something. Sometimes schools have a problem with Christmas themed parties because of Hannukah and Kwaanza, so check with the school first on what is permissible.
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  • imadriana answered 7 years ago
    Have them make Christmas ornaments. There are a bunch of websites that give instructions and pics for really inexpensive, simple things.

    Best drinks to serve: Capri sun drinks. They don't spill easily! Avoid cupcakes. Kids make a mess of them.

    Ask the teacher if any of the kids have allergies. If any of the kids have a peanut allergy, avoid giving ANY of the kids stuff with peanut or peanut products in it. Some kids' allergies are so severe that it can make them sick just to be in an enclosed area with the stuff. And it would be really bad to mistakenly give someone something they were allergic to.

    Also, before you start handing out goodies at the party, spread sheets of waxed paper onto each of the desks or tables. The teacher will thank you.

    Here's a cool website for craft ideas:

    Here's another:


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  • LadyT answered 7 years ago
    buy enough oranges for all the children and a candy cane or each they can pop the candy can in the orange and use as a straw! They can also make a ornament with candy canes which is real simple with pipe cleaners and google eyes (sm) little puff balls basically the thing will turn out like a candy cane reindeer and they can hang it on their Christmas tree at home. You can also play heads up 7up, musical chairs, bring in some sugar cookies and let them decorate their own with icing and sprinkles, goodie bags with a few pieces of candy and small toys like you find in the bulk aisles. Have everyone vote on a Christmas movie they like ahead of time and bring it in so they can watch it and have their snacks at the same time, it will also keep down you getting a toward the end of the party read them a quick Christmas story. Do the gift exchange toward the end also so they don't lose their gift somehow..(believe me it happens) Well I hope that helps a little anyway..GOOD LUCK!
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  • Shorty T answered 7 years ago
    sugar cookies arts & crafts make picture frames with popcicl sticks paint them red&green. make cards. snow flakes with paper
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