How often should I rotate my tires and what pattern should I use?


Nobody asked if they were directional or not and nobody referenced anything about a directional tire.

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    The pattern for rotation and frequency depend on several things. This is determined by the tire manufacturer itself. They recommend certain rotations depending on the type and style and vehicle and your tire shop should be able to provide this info. The owner's manual lists this, but that only applies to the originial equipment brand of tire installed on the car new. I personally never have ever rotated tires in all my years of working on cars or driving. If the vehicle is aligned properly and shocks and struts are good then the tires will wear evenly across the tread. They will of course wear out first in the front, but still should be an even wear. The main reason that it is recommended to rotate tires (in my opinion) is that the tire stores want you back as often as possible to have the opportunity to do oil changes, or sell you shocks or other stuff. Also if the tires are rotated they all wear out at the same time and they can sell you 4 instead of 2. It takes the exactly same time for a salesman to write up 2 tires as it does 4 and you tie up bay space installing them, etc. If I buy a used vehicle I often install a new set of tires, and then when the fronts wear out buy 2 front and then 2 rear as needed. Keep you from having to spend so much money at the same time and also make all those trips every 5000 or so miles to have somebody work on your car or truck and attempt to sell you other stuff. You can easily inspect your tires anytime you walk past your car to see if the treadwear is even. There is no disadvantage at all to not rotating the tires if your vehicle is in good suspension order. However though as mentioned above the tire manufacturers can tell you "their" recommendations for your particular brand and vehicle.

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    what kind of vehicle do u drive? first question next one is front wheel or 4 wheel drive that makes a difference needs to know before i can answer sorry

    but it is recommend to rotate your tires every other oil change make sure to watch tire pressure and wear

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    i own a repair shop,and usually a good time to do this is during an oil change ,that's good reminder of when to do it,,also it doesn't matter any more about the pattern you choose to do this in,,today's tires don't have the problems that the older radials did,,you can cross them or go from front to rear,,either way works well,,good luck with it ,i hope this help,s.,,have a good x-mas.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs..
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    Every other oil change is an easy way to remember it. Cross to the drive axle.

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    every 2 months

  • 1 decade ago

    they say its once in every 3 months, i do it once in a month.

    1f left, 2f right, 3r left, 4r right.

    1 to 4, 2 to 3

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    about every six months- back left to right front and back right to left front and vice versa

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