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Snorkeling in Mexico?

Between the choices of Calica, Mexico and Cozumel, Mexico - where is snorkeling better?

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    Listen, I don't snorkel, but I do know Mexico, (I live here). Cozumel has been known for years as one of the greatest diving areas in the Caribbean, perhaps the planet (I think its rated as one of the top 5 diving areas). Its an island and has all kinda of reef formations both natural and man-made. I have been there and the ocean is just the perfect color and temperature for your kind of activities.

    Calica is new and I don't know what facilities they have built there. BUT you should know that it is near Playa del Carmen only a half hour ferry ride from Cozumel! So best bet would probably go with what you know is simply great, the wonderful island of Cozumel, and take a day to cross the ferry and check out Calica. That would work for me, (if I was energetic enough to try snorkeling.....)

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    It depends where on Cozumel, and how many people will be snorkeling with you. Cozumel has a lot of great coral formations, but a lot of halocline, so if there are lots of people it will be hard to see. Calica has little tourism, so usually there are more fish, but smaller coral formations.

    Have fun!!!

    Remember to wear only Biodegradable Sunscreen (buy it at home it is a lot cheaper).

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    I went snorkeling in Cancun and it was beautiful. My husband went snorkeling in Cozumel and both seemed to be a nice adventure!!!

    Take an underwater camera to get the pictures of the beautiful fish. The instructors sometimes take pictures of you feeding the save some film.!!

    Have fun.

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    If you mean just snorkeling in nice clear water then Cancun. If you mean looking for coral, fish, reefs, Cozumel....but you will definitely find more people and more of a great time in Cancun. Do a lot of research to make your decision.

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