is there any way to run a pc without hard disk?

just an i saw an add in a paper just need to know more thank you every one in advance

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    If you have CD drive or flash drive and enough RAM you can run Linux that boot off flash drive and writes temp files via RAM drive.

    You can get BootCD4Win which does almost the same for Windows. That uses Bart'sPE which is like a mini version of WinXP.

    A third way is get a network card with boot ROM, and setup a corresponding "boot image" in the network for that PC, so the boot ROM will access the network, and boot off that "boot image" as if it's a built-in hard drive. You'll need a server and network, of course.

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    Yes, there are many ways. You could run one of those live CDs that boot an operation system directy from CD. Ususally it's a modified Linux system that doesn't rely on a harddisk. It need a lot of RAM though.

    Another way would be to to create a diskless workstation. For that you need a relativly new BIOS (>2001) that can boot remote operation systems from an image in the network.

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    no it needs the harddrive or it will not be able to run the operating system, in other words the computer saves windows onto the hard disk and will not be able to run with out the hard disk connected

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    This is new thing to me. Let me know if any body answered this Question.

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