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My doctor perscribed a $500 Heat Therapy Pump Water Circulating System...Anyone have experience with this?

Pain Management Device? Tell me what you know...either patients, doctors, nurses, or physical therapists...

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    There are some pumps that use cold or warm water. The cold water is great for the knees after total knee replacement surgeries.

    We also use alot of A-K Pads in the hospital. It is a heating pad, that has water that circulates. It is not very warm to the touch like a traditional heating pad. Instead it is a low heat that sinks deep within to the sore area. It can be used for any lenght of time and there is not a risk of burning your self with this type.

    Best of luck. P.S. Some devices are to only be used with purified or bottled water. Also after you fill up the machine to the water level, turn it on. Then after the pad area is full of water, check to see if you need to add more water to the water line again. This is important for the inital start up. Because some of the water is going into the pad or cuff.

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