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what happen to "toni's" character on the t.v. show girlfriends?

i was watching girlfriends the other night and i notcie that "toni's role is no longer on the show, i have been missing out on that show every since they merged from upn to cw, so ima kinda lost if any one know's what happen to toni please let me know!!! thanks

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    The character Toni, won custody of her baby from Todd but was very upset that Joan flaked on her when she really needed her. So she packed up her stuff and moved to New York to be closer to Todd so that they could still raise the baby together. She had a party that Mya and Lynn attended but didn't invite Joan and won't accept her appoligy.

    As for the real person Jill Marie combs (?) there are so many rumors flying around. Some say she wanted a pay raise, others say the cast was sick of her and wanted her off. Whatever tht case the show is really boring without her.

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    I heard that something didnt go her way and she felt as if she made the show stating that it wouldnt be so great without her and she ended up quitting the show

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