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Respect for the Confederate Flag?

I've heard some people say that those who don't have respect for the confederate flag are ignorant about History. I myself don't have ANY respect for such flag, since for me it only represents a time when people were fighting over slavery (something that shouldn't even be considered!). Now, please, would someone explain to me what History is there behind the confederate flag that makes it so worthy?

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    I have no respect for the Confederate Battle flag, but I do have respect for the confederate national flags as a part of our history. but when most people talk about the confederate flag they mean the battle flag, which was just that. a battle flag. it doesn't need to be flown. I'll respect it in a museum, or a battle flag from that time. I will not respect one made anytime after that. After the war ended it became a symbol of racism and hate. And if you don't' realize that, you are ignorant of history.

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    Please be a little more understanding. The Confederate Battle Flag, was only one of the flags of the confederacy. People display this/these flags for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons is racism. It is easy to equate the South's stand in the War of Northern Aggression to racism, but, it was more than that. It was, as most wars are, an economic struggle. I had ancestors that fought and died under the flag of the confederacy, may I not respect it?

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    The Confederate BATTLE flag is a symbol for a lot of Americans died under. They did not fight for slaves. 98% of the south's population did not even owned slaves. I would think you would want to put down the Confederate State's government flag. It is the flag that represents separation and rebellion. It flies at every six flags theme park. It is one of the six flags. You can also see it at many rest areas along the road way of the south. The Texas state flag is almost identical. But you want to pick on a flag that brave men fought under to save their crops being burned and their daughters being raped by General Sherman. BTW The Stars and Stripes flown for over 87 years under slavery. Does that mean you disrespect the United State's flag?

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    Do you advocate banning anything that makes us uncomfortable? The "Stars & Bars" flag is nothing more than a symbol of a time in our history, leave it alone. Personally, I had ancestors that fought on both sides of the Civil War, two were brothers who fought on different sides. People were fighting for what they knew and believed in, we don't have to agree, but the correction was made. That's what the Civil War was fought over (in part).

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    You really needed to pay more attention in history class. To you it may represent a time when people were fighting over slavery but that's because you're a moron. It represents a time when the "south" was sick and tired of being told what to do and how to do it by the government. And since the "north" was okay with the what the government was trying to do they went along with it. But to the "south" they were trying to control everything and change the way things were. So they rebelled. Hence why they call it a Rebel Flag. They were trying to separate themselves from the rest of the United States. So therefore the Confederate Flag was just representing them as their own country. It was their equivalent to the USA flag. That's all it stands for. It doesn't represent slavery, because as somebody already pointed out to you, the "north" had slaves too... yes. They did. Go back to school... or if you're still in school. Get your head out of your *** and pay attention.

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    It is a cultural symbol and all cultures in the us deserve respect. You must not criticize some one based on their beliefs, just as must not criticize muslims. People who believe were are still fighting the civil war may be wrong, but they are protected the same way cultures are respected. And just as you and I are ignorant about history with respect to this flag, so are thousands of americans ignorant about history with respect to affirmative action. So just as illegal immigrants demend protection while breaking the law, Southerns deserve protection that is provided to them by a country they believe they are still at war with. Baiscally the history that brings respect to this flag goes back way before its creation to when our forfathers said, it is your right to practice what ever cultural beliefs you choose and need be descriminated against. The fine print of course reading as long as you are not a homosexual, and in which case you are less then human and places like Cincinatti Oh can pass legistlation making it legal to descriminate against these people who suffer from a terrible disease.

    I dont think I answered your question, however I did confues myself.

    Source(s): And remember kids, Jeb Bush still says "The south will rise again!"
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    There is none. It's not even the flag of the Confederacy and most Southerners in the 1860's would not have recognized it.

    The entire shabby, disgraceful episode of ineptitude, hypocrisy and treason that was the Confederate States of American has been given an incredible whitewashing by its apologists. The people who defend that flag today are the ones who are ignorant.

    Who says history is written by the winners?

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    The history that it is part of our rich past is make make the flag worthy. No one has to respect that flag, but also no one has the right to ban it.

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    What's so ironic is the Confederates said some of the same things those who hate the flag have said almost 150 years later.

    The confederates were tired of an oppressive government telling them how to live their lives - governing from afar. They thought about as much as Lincoln as many people think of Bush today.

    Slaves had little to do with it.

    Time to pick another target to attack.

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    You don't have to respect the Confederate flag. No one will make you.

    What you really want is to take it away from people who do respect it.

    Just leave it alone. It's a state's rights thing, and if you don't understand it by now, you probably never will.

    Source(s): Interestingly, I do not now, nor have I ever cared much about the Confederate flag. But it is a free speech issue, and it is a state's rights issue, and I am sorry some of you can't seem to get that.
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