Do sentient (self aware) animals think?

A friend of mine said that 7 animals including elephants and dolphins are self aware.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's only logical. I don't know what you friend said that the 7 sentient animals were, but I'm guessing it includes gorillas and chimps as well as the dolphin and elephant you listed.

    In the case of gorillas and chimps, they are definitely self aware (mirrors in cages were used for self grooming and not attacked as would be the case of non-sentient animals). I know that there was at least one gorilla that was taught to speak sign language, and studies with chimps show that they are able to conceptualize models (the study I saw had a miniature version of a room. They'd show the chimp that there was a treat in, say, the fridge in the model room, and once the chimp got the idea, they would go right to the fridge and find their treat in the real room.)

    Both of those things definitely show thought more complex most animals. So, I'd say that at least chimps and gorillas think, though (based on conversations the trainers had with the gorilla who could use sign language) their thoughts would be less complex than ours.

    I would love to see the list of 7 sentient animals though...

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