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Animal Farm by George Orwell..Help!?

For my English class, I have to make a propaganda poster about any particular action or belief from Animal Farm by George Orwell. I need some help with ideas please?


How about saying that the animals should get rid of Napoleon?

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    Draw a two-legged creature (human) with a big red circle around it and a red line diagonally through the circle. Next to it draw a four legged creature of your choice with a thumbs-up next to it.

    The slogan would be, of course, "Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad."

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    Apart from a portrait of the pig and some catchy phrase of his, how about a chain of silhouettes of different animas with the equals sign between each one to show that bit about all being equal?

    Must dig up the book and read it again. Same with A Brave New World. Never been the same since reading those. Sure wouldn't have Yahoo Answers or the Internet if they had run the world like Orwell and Huxley envisioned it!

    Hmmm. Read everybody elses answers now. The animals wouldn't get my one. They would like the thumbs up one though!

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    Ah, George Orwell is an easy read. You should be able to finish reading the book in a couple of hours. I recommend you go for it, seriously. It is a bit ironic, he was one of hugest critics of communism but was very much a socialist.

    Ideas? Hmmm. You have to decide before or after the revolution.

    After? Something showing pigs as being great leaders of other animals?

    Some animals are more equal than others, ect?

    Good luck.

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    I agree with the four legs good, two legs bad comment, for, not only is it the basis of the whole entire rebellion, non-the-less, but it would make for a quite alluring propaganda poster. Have like a picture of the farmer with a big X, oh, I'm getting giddy just thinking about it:)

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    A simple play on words taken directly from the story would be "All people are created equal. Some people are more equal than others" which is exactly what Orwell meant when he wrote that.

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    Um, there is sort of an obvious theme if you'd read the book.

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    i read this story long ago ... the funniest part was the horse being thought to read ABC by the suphisticated pigs ... and when ever they got him to DEF he forgot the ABC ...

    hope i could help

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    4 legs good, 2 legs bad.

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    " All animal are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

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