Would my ancestors be illegal immigrants if they tried to come to US today?

Only American Indians were native to this country, thus we are all from immigrants. What are the chances that my ancestors would be 'acceptable' as new immigrants? I've read about the Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Italitans all being hated when they first came here, and we continue the same way we always have about 'too many immigrants'. Just because it has happened to our ancestors, is that why we do the same to others? It doesn't make any sense. Why do we continue our prejudices, even when we know it is foolish and unwarranted behavior?

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    Yes, any of our ancestors coming to America today would be considered illegal if they did not come to this county legally and lawfully. I personally do not have a problem with immigrants coming to America. I just want them to come legally and lawfully so that they can be counted as citizens of this great country and pay their taxes just like the rest of us working stiffs. What I don't approve of is immigrants coming to this country illegally and working under the radar and still being able to receive medical care, food stamps, and financial assistance but not be willing to work legally and pay taxes.

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    Immigration is only illegal if they come without checking in with customs agents, like if they sneaked in without telling anyone or applying for any sort of citizenship. We have those procedures as a means of national security, to prevent just anyone from coming in with chemical weapons or something. there is also an issue of those immigrants living off America's economy without contributing anything themselves. If your parents tried to come today, I'm sure they would take the appropriate steps to do it legally, and they would have no problem. The downside, the U.S only lets in about 1 million people per year, and even determines how many to let in from each country, thus making it more difficult for some to get in. America is and always has been the land of opportunity, and that makes it's stance on immigration a very difficult one. Some who defend closed borders argue their point using an analogy of a lifeboat.. We can safely allow a certain number of people in each year, and doom all the rest to a possible death, or, we can let anyone in, and all of us would die. This example is an exxagerated one, but it makes a good point. Others argue that immigrants add to our economy by diversifying our workforce, and feel that there will never be too many people in America. I think that it is important to have laws regulating immigration, and even more important to at least exchange words with anyone coming in, especially in this time of turmoil throughout the world. I also feel that having a closed border on the books, and at the same time, having the most open border in the world (reffering to how many enter each year) is a bad idea. If you can think of a good compromise, make your case.

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    I totally agree with you nobodys ancestors were native to this country unless they just popped out of the soil all grown up

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