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Do you like okra in you stews?

When i make a beef stew i like to buy a roast and chop it up for my stew meat,satue it with lots of onions,every veretable i can think of including okra & v-8 vegetable juice instaed of water and 2 bay leaves.I drain all the water off the vegetables throw in in a big pot and let it do its thing.In the meantime i make a big skillett of cornbread and there you have a delicous meal.So grab your hat and pull up a chair we'll turn thanks for the food and enjoy.

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    I've also used V8 juice to make a stew as well. It taste delicious. I love okra but never had it in a stew. How about you make it for me and mail it over here, hahaha :).

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    * one million lb youthful Okra pods * 2 super tomatoes * one million cup corn * 2 cups water (fowl or pink meat inventory may well be substituted) * 2 slices publisher 1st baron verulam * one million lemon. * salt and pepper for seasoning, to flavor right and tail the Okra pods, ie cut back off the ends. cut back the pods into approximately one million/4 inch rounds. Pop the tomatoes into boiling water and go away for approximately 30 to 60 seconds. do away with from the water and peel. Chop the tomatoes cube the publisher 1st baron verulam. Fry till crispy. Boil the corn till gentle and comfortable. place all the climate in a saucepan and bring to the boil. cut back the warmth and simmer for approximately quarter-hour, till the okra is comfortable notice, the fat won from frying the publisher 1st baron verulam additionally needs for use, as this could advance the soup's flavor.

  • I also use V-8 in stews & when cooking roasts. I like okra in my gumbo, but never thought about putting it in my beef stew. I think I'll give it a shot...

    Thanks for the idea...

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    no i do not like okra in my stew because i think it's nasty but if you feel that it taste good like that u go right a head and eat it

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    Yes, I like okra in my soups and stews.

    Beef or chicken is good, with all kinds of veggies.

    I also like Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.Very good

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    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! i dislike okra strongly. i have had many bad experiences and i ended up in the emergency room. just kidding. but seriously, it tastes like soggy garbage(no ofense) so put in in a seperate bowl in case others don't like it ( like me)

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    yes we put okra in stew, soups and I love fried okra.....

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    oh yum i love it. but we call it bamya. i love it in tomato based stews. the best. with rice

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    Yes! Yum!

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