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do trains run on christmas eve?

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    yes they do sort off! As someone who is working on the railway i can say they will be running. However as a general rule if you are travelling long distance i would say travel as early as you can if not the day before as these services wind down after 1400 and generally stop around 2000. For local trips then it will be as normal for a Sunday until around 1800 then services again wind down with very little running after 2100. Contact the train company directly or ring national rail helpline for specific train times

    Source(s): i work on the railway
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    Christmas Eve Train Times

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    In the UK: Yes, but they finish running mostly at about 9pm or so, depending on the train operating company.

    One thing to bear in mind this year is that Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday. At some train operating companies (such as Central Trains), Sunday working is voluntary for traincrews. It is concievable, therefore, that if no-one volunteers, no trains would run. To counter this, enhanced pay rates are offered. Same applies to New Years Eve.

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    The simple answer is "yes", although the more correct answer is "yes, but ..."

    On a normal Christmas Eve, trains would operate on normal timetables, with three basic variations:

    1. most services would end by 10pm

    2. in the conurbations, there could be fewer peak services, especially in the evening

    3. on some routes there will be some additional trains operated (for example, from Scotland to London)

    But Christmas Eve 2006 falls on a Sunday. So, there will be even fewer trains than normal on most routes. Yet in some areas, such as on the Strathclyde network, there will be additional services operated between 10am and 6pm (including some lines on which services do not normally operate on a Sunday!)

    I did say "yes, but..." !

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    The trains are running on Christmas Eve but to an altered service so it's best to check before you travel.

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    They do, but it is a limited service. I was stuck in Sheffield on christmas eve once after a piece of corrugated sheeting fell on the track- i missed all my connections and had to get a taxi-£100 worth. So make sure it's not the last connection- leave time for at least 2 if needs be.

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    Yes, but they'll be packed solid!

    The last few years I have had to catch a Liverpool to Wigan train on Xmas Eve and they have run like a Sunday service, every hour or so, till about 7PM.

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    Trains run on Christmas Eve, as well as freights on Christmas Day and any other day of the year, no matter what holiday.

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    Trains on xmas eve usually run til about 8pm but with it being a sunday it maybe earlier. My advice is check with your local train station.

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