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Start running?

I am overweight ie 100 plus pounds. I would like to start running as a way to lose weight. I was thinking of some sort of running/walking program. I have a treadmill which I walk on now, but I will do my running outside. Can anyone give me any suggestions?


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    Congrats on starting to run!

    Before you run outside, go to a running store and get a GOOD pair of shoes, which will fit your running style.

    Start slow. Walk when you need to. Push yourself a little farther (not faster) each time you run.

    When I started running last year, I did 1.5 miles in my neighborhood. I started by running a block and walking a block. The next time, I ran 2 blocks and walked a block. Etc., until I ran the whole 1.5 miles.

    When you increase your distance, make sure you slow down or else you will lose your breath.

    Some days are better than others. You're still making progress even if you feel like you have to walk the majority of your run. Listen to your body and pick up the next time.

    Find a running club. They offer great support! I run with Nike Running, at Niketown. Your running store will have clubs available. When you go to the club, you'll find someone who is your pace and you can run together.

    Change it up! Run on the street, in the park and in hilly areas.

    If you have to use your treadmill for running, do a slight incline.

    Best of luck to you!

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    The absolute best piece of advice I could give you is to find the right pair of shoes. DON'T buy a pair of shoes off the rack just because you're familiar with the brand name.

    Most larger cities have runners specialty shops. They are run by runners, for runners. They will work with you to fit you for the shoes that best fit your foot shape, the way your foot hits the deck, etc. You will pay upwards toward $100, but it's the most important piece of equipment for a runner, so it's worth it.

    Stretch before and after your runs. Don't push yourself; if you can't make it the half-mile the first time, that's OK. Most marathoners couldn't, either. GRADUALLY build up your mileage. If you can, keep a log of your mileage. Over the months, you will be fascinated at how much you've added. Before you know it, it will become an addiction, and you will see the pounds fall off.

    Alter your diet accordingly. Drink water, and lots of it. Don't run less than three hours before you go to bed, or your body will be antsy all night. If you can do it first thing in the morning, prior to breakfast, shower, work,etc., it's best because it will affect your metabolism (positively) for the rest of the day.

    Congrats on your decision. Stick with it, believe in yourself, and you will acheive the results you want.

    Source(s): Me : runner for 16 years.
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    You're on the right path, running literally melts away pounds. My advice to you is to set fitness goals. Start with running one mile straight, really push yourself to run one mile. If you absolutely can't run one mile now, do 1/2 mile. But do not stop if you get tired, running is tiring whe you are getting into shape, you must push yourself to meet your goals, because you must get into shape mentally as well as physically.

    For me, I find that running inside on a treadmill is easier, because you can kind of space and and think about whatever instead of having to really pay attention to your surroundings.

    Another great way to burn massive pounds is swimming! Try the two together and you will lose that weight in no time! Stick with your goal and good luck, I know you can do it!

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    If you want to start running start easy. My coach started me off with 15min non stop. After that don't forget to stretch before and after your run. Keep running 15min for no more than a week and if you feel like your ready to step it up a notch try 20min. You may think oh 5 min that's nothing but believe me in a track meet that can make a huge difference. After feeling comfortable with 20 try 30,35,45,55,and 75min.

    Also dress appropriately according to the weather. Here in Chicago you don't want to run in shorts unless you feel more comfortable doing so. Have fun and believe me you will love running!! Also if you have someone to run with it will be a lot more fun!

    Almost forget you should eat something after you are finish eating. A bagel, a snack bar or a fruit will do.

    Source(s): my experince being in the track team.
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    It's good that you have a treadmill to start you off on your weight loss goal. Start SLOW, jog for 5 min and then little by little increase your time ( add 5 min every week) once you feel comfortable till you work you up to 30-60 min ( your desired goal). Good luck !

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    I'm blogging an idea for you tomorrow at Facebook/MyRunBlog

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