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Bible corruption?

Was the Bible corrupted at the time of Mohammed?

If not, when? Who?


I'm not blaming Mohammed, because he refers to the people of the book and I just wanted to know if it was already corrupted in his lifetime.

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    Why do people always try to put Islam and Christianity into the proverbial boxing ring to fight it out. Who really cares which of the two is the real deal? Religion is based on faith and it is not out place to force our views upon another mans faith. Is the Quoran corruption free too? All scripture is true as far as it is translated correctly by the hand of man. Any scripture can be used to oppose another persons point of view too, thats the beuty of the scriptures. They have a unique and personal message to us all.

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    the Bible is believed to be a document inspired by God and is to be taken at face value as being the document He wants circulated.

    the Bible has been "corrupted" since its inception when Romans decided what books would be included and which would be excluded.

    the Bible has been "corrupted"since its inception since no books were written at all until almost 400 years after the death of Christ

    and this is just about the time Mohammed was around.

    the Bible was recreated with the Reformation and the beginnings of the Protestants faiths in the 1500 and 1600's, and completely changed its face with the publication of the King James version in the late 1600 early 1700's.

    the Bible is a human document and is therefore inherently "corrupt".

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    In a way, Socrates thought that all writing was corrupting the mind. Open discussion and discourse kept the mind agile and prevented words from accumulating too much power over people.

    So, in answer to your question; writing down thoughts and stories about absolute power (God) created absolute power over their thoughts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    The old saying, "You can't believe everything you read" should be "Don't believe IN anything you read." Everyone knows that if something is written down, it is corrupted by the person writing it. That's why they try to tell us that the Bible is written (or magically inspired) by a god. Unless you happen to know one that you can ask, you will never get the whole story, and none of the publishers have to pay royalties to gods, only persons.

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    The original bible was not corrupted as it was the word of God.

    But is bible which is present in our homes corrupted?

    Yes Due to translations.

    Due to changes made by the churches over centuries

    Due to changes made by the kings

    The word like begotten and trinity were introduced then later thrown out.

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    I don't thnk the Bible is corrupted. I think God has guarded it very closely and the message of salvation and redemption is there just as clearly today as it was 2000 years ago. Anyone interested in the truth can find it in the Bible.

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    I believe the bible was corrupted BEFORE Huhammed.

    In the Nicean council more than 20 scriptures was thrown out. In 576 CE the teaching of reincarnation was voted out of the scriptures.

    Muhammed lived in the 7th century.

    After Muhammed; protestant movement threw out 7 more scriptures.

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    there was a committee that took a lot from other religions and included in bible to make it more appealing. It is difficult to determine the originality of many things in bible. It's hard for some hardcore faithfuls to digest but that is a historical fact.

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    Corrupted is a rather harsh term. Of course it has changed due to various translations? But does any of this really matter. The message remains the same.

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    No, the Bible was not corrupted.

    That is not to say that there were not people who *misunderstood* or *misapplied* the teachings of the Bible.

    "To err is human" the old adage begins and segues nicely into my current favourite quote:

    "Never ascribe to malice what can more easily be explained by incompetence."

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    Amazing how you seemingly blame Muhammad again for the corruption of the Bible which was done by the chrstians themselves. Great way of throwing blame unto others.

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