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Iraq Study group Report?

Thoughts on the Iraq Study Group's Report? i found it to be extremely sensible and methodical in its approach and its suggestions do seem to be good options, with a few reservations. I'm also impressed at the multinational approach to the resolution of Iraqi problems, and a wide scoping view that acknowledges things like Iran's nukes and the Isreal/Palestine conflict as factors in this debate. In short i am impressed and suitably re-educated, too bad it will probbably get ignored. Any thoughts? And seriously actually read the report first, its a serious piece of work, dont insult it by posting up bland slurs without actually reading it

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    It's too bad Bush is far too interested in his "legacy" instead of doing the right thing. I thought the ISG came up with workable ideas but Bush is going to rely on his "gut feelings" (this from a gutless AWOL drunk) and ignore reality. So 750 or so days before the door hits him in the butt on the way out.

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    i've got faith the learn group's findings has too many falsehoods interior the looking's key factors to a solid device. the 1st falsehood is that we are dropping the conflict. To lose the conflict, the U.S. could could desire to lose each and all of the targets it got down to do. those targets have been to create a Democratically elected government (performed), to construct 3,two hundred infrastructure initiatives (80 two% carried out as of August 2006) and prepare adequate police and infantrymen so Iraq's government can shield itself (The Iraqi president says which would be performed in June 2007). So the place is the dropping element? there replaced into no purpose to certainly end the combating. The U.S. is merely status in till the Iraqis are experienced. yet another situation is to get Syria and Iran in touch. definite, while you evaluate that's working oh so properly in Lebanon, Chechnia, the former Yugoslavia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Bali, Indonesia, India, Burma and the Philippines. Syria and Iran are education and offering communities that prefer combating over politics. This leads to a 2d adverse element. The learn group hyperlinks each and all of the subject concerns to the Palistine/Israeli conflict. Syria and Iran have a objective to have a Muslim international whether it demands tension. It is going way previous Israel, by using fact removing Israel won't end the combating someplace else.

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    Absolutely worthless document unfortunately. Do we not think that Bush would not love to have the help of Iran and Syria both diplomatically and physically to stop the insurgency?

    McCain: "And I believe that this is a recipe that will lead sooner or later to our defeat in Iraq."

    Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia, a key Republican, disdains the report as "about as daring as a glass of warm water. They might as well have come out against crime. Do they think the president doesn't want to end sectarian violence?"

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    Like all power point presentations, it briefs well, but its what happens on the ground that time will tell.

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