How can i litter train my rabbit?!?!?!?!?

He is about 8 Months old. is that to old to train him?i dont just going to try anyways. I need step by step instructions or links to websites with steb by step instructions if that is eisier for you?!?! THANKS A BUNDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Rabbits are very easily trainable.

    As an "older" rabbit, they are more easier to litter train because the "older" rabbit will establish a specific a corner of their cage as their potty corner. Once you have identified this corner, place the litter box in that corner. You should see instant results of his/her starting to use the litter box.

    A rabbit can not always control their fecal pellets, so you may still have to pick up a "rabbit raisen" here and there. But for the most part, they will use the litter box for their urine, which is more messy to clean up anyhow.

    Use a safe plain clay litter, nothing with crystals or granules that contain poisons. Rabbits may nibble on their litter and this is certainly something you won't want him/her doing if there are poinsonous granules in the litter!

    Slowly but surely, you will be able to get your rabbit to know to use the litter pan when he/she needs to use it when outside of his cage.

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    You should be able to litter train your bunny, regardless of age. Rabbits are one of the cleanest animals I've ever had, if not the cleanest! Just put the litter box nearby so he has access to it 24/7. If he doesn't use it at first, scoop a few poops into it and some shavings or bedding that he's pee'd on. He should be going exclusively in the box within a week or so. Make sure you don't give him too many fresh fruit/veggies, as this can cause "wet tail" (diarhea) which can be fatal to rabbits. If you notice he has loose stool, you can buy stuff for wet tail at your local pet store that you just add to his water. It's colorless and odorless, so he won't even notice it.

    Hope this helps!

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    Most rabbits pick a spot they like to do it, so you'd need to figure out what that spot is and put a litter box there. However, you need to get a special litter, because rabbits eat everything and regular litter will not be good for him.

    Try the "yesterday's news" litter, it's made from old newspapers and it'll be OK for your rabbit to eat.

    here's a site with more instructions:

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    They are pretty easy to train. Usually they will pick one area to go to the toilet so that's where you put the litter box. Help him along by putting a few of his droppings in the box. I think they are actually easier to train than cats. Good luck and enjoy him, rabbits are great pets and even better companions.

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    You should go to rabbit and click on #1 and get the free news letter.P.S I am trying to litter train mine to email me at for more imfo and you should do it but you have to have a email address on yahoo to the free newsletter!

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    When he poops just put the poop in the litter box, and make him sniff it, push his head close to the poop and let him view the box. When he uses it, praise him. I dunno give him a carrot, or yogurt drops from the pet store.

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