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When will the United States leave Iraq?

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    The sooner the better. Not only the USA but Britain and other countries as well. As the latest study by the ISG shows, Iraq is now in a worse situation than before when under Saddam., America and its so-called allies prosecuted the war for the wrong reasons and also wrongly thought the Iraqis would welcome their 'liberation' with open-arms. The result is now the worse ever civil strife that is taking many lives daily, including solders of the coalition. Under the pretext of liberating the country from the evil Saddam and giving it democracy, when the real aim is to control the oil, the American and British axis now finds that it cannot extricate itiself honourably. This is a classic example of winning the battle and losing the war. It is another example of Vietnam. America and its cohorts will just have to bravely decide to accept defeat rather than continuing to uphold the myth, as espoused by Bush, that it could win by staying the course. Has it ever dawned on the American and British hawks that they are no longer welcome or could be effective in deliviering the country of its post-war problems? Now only the Iraqis could save themselves although this is a monumental task clearly with no immediate solutions. Religious and cultrual strifes will go on, likewise the killings and there is not much the West can do about it. Has it ever occurred to the West too that even the Arabian and muslim countries are staying out of the internal Iraqi conflict? Meantime, these muslim states are also feeding the civil strife for their own ends. Get out now. America and its allies have done enough devastation. The least they can do is stop more of their own soldiers from being killed or maimed. Instead, use the billions meant for the war to rebuild Iraq and if it is the only way to stop the daily carnage, even help the country to become a federation of different states based on religious and racial make-ups. The true quality of leadership is to be able to recognise one's own mistakes and failings and to admit failure. Until this is recognised and acknowledged, America will continue to sink deeper into the quagmire it has itself created .

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    The final date for the completed withdrawal of the last ninety six,000 united statestroops from Iraq is the end of next 12 months, thirty first December 2011. convinced, you're the in common words united states that still has troops in Iraq. i imagine i'm precise in announcing that my united states, the united kingdom, stuck with you the longest because the finest of the British troops in Iraq were delivered abode on twenty eighth July, 2009.

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    In reality, never. The U.S military has a habit of leaving permanent Bases wherever it goes, and Iraq is no different even if the bulk of the forces leave, I guarantee there will be at least one airbase maintaned there, just in case.

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    they will leave when the oil runs out in iraq, everyone in the world knows the invasion was about oil.

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    according to the daily show 2 generations?

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    At this rate never lol. Maybe when we get a democrat in office!!!

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    they should never leave so that the insurgents can slaughter the US troops and send them back to america in their lil coffins!!!! more american flesh and blood for the insurgents to kill!!!

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