Does Bolivia have nuclear weapons ?

My boyfriend told me that Bolivia has nuclear weapons and I am not sure if he is joking or not.

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    Negatory: the club includes the following:

    Stockpiled Deliverable

    US: 10,640 6,390

    Russia 16,000 3,242

    Brit 200 200

    France 350 350

    China ~400 ~325

    Israel 200 200

    India 150 110

    Pakis 75 75

    N.Korea ~13 ~13

    Where are they aimed? Here's a brief summary: (but as you can imagine, it's only best guess)

    N.Korea: Seoul is within tactical range,limited capacity for direct attack on continental USA, unless from medium range missile fired from a ship or sneaked-on weapon to US port. Most likely target is US forces in S.Kor and Japan.

    Iran: poses little threat to continental US, largest threat is strike at Israel, main threat is future years when they do possess an operational nuke.

    Pakistan: ally now but an unstable one, possibility their nukes can be taken over by terrorist elements against the US.

    India: Ally but more stable, continued confrontation over Kashmir raises the possibility of a nuclear war, under a war situation, fanatical elements could put the control of weapon systems into their hands.

    Terrorists: this is a new post-Cold War threat, not involve state actors or rational leaders. Many terrorists seek martyrdom and would see a US strike on a Muslim target as a positive step toward turning Muslim world against the US.

    Britain,France,Israel: have sizable arsenals, concern is over the theft,pilfreage or diversion, as well as unauthorized or ciminal action to launch, which would have negative consequences for the US.

    US: strategy is twofold: countervalue and counterforce targeting. The first on major cities,industrial complexes, and critical economic modes, with reduncy. The 2nd targets weapons systems before they can be launched, success relied on preemptive strike and maintenance of high alert forces, ready to launch on, hair triggers.

    These are general guidances, the actual targest are kept on list contained on the highly classified Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP). At the moment of decision, only the President can issue the command based on his reading of the SIOP. The world is continuously less than 30 minutes away from full scale nuclear war, unfortunately still at this time.

    And now, the assessment for our friend in Russia:

    From the point of bview of strategic nuclear weapons, Russian is the main concern. The end of the Cold War has brought a sobering awareness of the vulnerabilitys of their nuclear complex, their security is downgraded with some assets left in new and unstable countries. Old habits die hard, the suspicions of US intentions are still there, look at the post-Cold War incident on Jan. 25, 1995 -

    Russia almost launched a nuclear attack after a Norwegian missile launch for scientific research was detected from Spitsbergen and thought to be an attack on Russia, launched five minutes from Moscow. For the first time in history the Soviat briefcase is activated.

    Getting back to targeting, the presence of highly survivable mobile systems, both in the US and Russia, vis-a-vis land-based systems, bombers and subs. has made countervalue and counterforce targeting obsolete. Both sides have recognized MAD and any launch would be national suicide. The only threat from Russia then is the irrational actions of rogue commanders or accidental launches from an aging control-command system.

    And finally China: has some long range capability, covering most of continental USA. they have stated a "no-first-use' policy, even over the impending Taiwan crisis. Their real competition is economic and political, threatening to dominate the world markets. Russia is trying to sell strategic bombers and nuclear subs which would be of concern. There is some potential for future nuclear confrontation, but presently we are in a nuclear standoff with them.

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    Hell no! Only 8 countries are know to have the Nuke: USA, Russia, Canada, England, France, India, Pakistan, and N. Korea ( Isreal is believed to have them) I think it's obvious a small, poor country such as Bolivia would have weapons of that caliber

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    Countries with nuclear weapons; The US, China, Russia, the UK, France, India and Pakistan

    Israel has never confirmed it has them, but it almost certainly does. Iran and Saudi Arabia (you never hear anything about THEM do you?) is suspected of trying to get them. South Africa used to have them, but destroyed them all. North Korea claims to have them. There are several countries that once had nuclear weapon research programs but no longer does - Australia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Poland and Yugoslavia.

    Bolivia has not.

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    Well sort of - 'nuclear' in Bolivian means 'mighty ball of ox dung'.

    So a 'nuclear' weapon is actually a big ball of dung that you throw at your neighbour. Ohh, those Bolivians.

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    Honestly Who doesn't have NUkes

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    Damn straight,they used some on Turkey once.

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    He is joking. But they do have 'peccarys'

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    Who cars, i don't thing they know how to use them anyway

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    he was joking love...

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