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I have a friend that I have known since I was a freshman and he has been my best friend since then. Now we are both married and have one boy each. I thought it would be nice if they played together but his wife odes not want anything to do with me or my child. She won't even let me talk to my friend. We have never dated or even thought about it. We have never done anything except hang out as friends. She never had a problem before we had kids with but now I dont know. She was a good friend to she knew us in school and was also a close friend to us. So what do you think her problem is? My husband has no problem with it.I mean good gosh we are just friends. Why does she?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i dont know

  • 1 decade ago

    she thinks u might take him away from her so she doesn't want her kids to be around u. She probably doesn't mean any harm but she may think u and your friend may do something together, since u guys knew each other for forever and never did anything together before, that will hurt their relationship.

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