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Traveling to Vietnam for adoption?

Is Vietnam considered safe? Have you gone there/adopted children from there? Any shared info will be appreciated.

please dont be brutal!!!

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    I have seen shows on TV where people go over there to adopt and you are really safe by others and you are very respected over there.

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    I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I agree with poster number 1. There are sooo many kids here in America (assuming you are American) that need homes yet everyone just insists on going to other countries because they want a **BABY** . It really is kind of sad, in my opinion. If I were in the market to adopt, I completely would look in my own neck of the woods over another country. I would hope we could take care of our own first.

    But ASIDE from my own personal feelings, you wouldn't catch me travelling over to any of those countries if I had fears like that.I would HOPE that it would be safe and that if it weren't the government would certainly have more restrictions on travel to certain areas.

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    even still in poor, so there a lot of parentless children there to adopt but vietnam is very safe to travel. and it is true that you are very respected over there.

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    Are you a celebrity? Why not adopt from your own country. In every country inthe world there are children needing adoption. Why not adopt children from your own country?

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