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Quality difference between Mexican & American Fender Fat (HSS) Stratocaster?

I went to the music store today to take an HSS Strat for a spin. They had American Strats for $1100 and up, but the Mexican Fat Strat they said they had a few days ago suddenly wasn't there. They said that there is a huge quality difference between Mex & American Strats, different woods pickups electronics etc. I thought the main diff was that one was made in Mexico and the other the U.S.? Is the quality difference that significant? I would never get a Squire, heard too many negative things. Looking to spend about $500 or so for a decent guitar. Thanks for any advice.

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    wood is the same - they are both made of alder - pickups are a little noisier on the mex strat - not enough difference to warrant the cost diff. I 've got a mex strat and it sounds good. The neck profiles are a little different too the mex is flatter on the back. No locking tuners on the Mex.

    Squiers are a crap shoot -I've got one thats pretty good. it actually has better string action than my mex. My brothers got one that he had to tweak the set up on but he plays it all night in clubs and it sounds great - he actually leaves his 68 Les Paul Custom at home to play the squier. I've seen some others that are only worthy of being burned as a sacrifice to the guitar gods.

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    Unless your heart is set on a Strat, why not look at a couple of others? Ibanez puts out some awesome, reasonably priced guitars. Also, take a look at some of the other styles Fender has...The Telecaster is a good player and has some screaming hot pick-ups. Another option would be to look at some used instruments, you could pick up a nice deal on a used Les Paul or an SG. Best of luck to ya!

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    The Mexican is cheaper because the build quality is not as good and neither are the raw materials. However, the difference in sound is not enough to merit the $700-800 hike in price for an American Fender in my opinion.

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    id go for the american the classic even if they cost more

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