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How do you put money on your credit card?

I was just wondering

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    Go to a place that will do a cash advance.

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    It seems like you don't understand what a credit card is. You don't "put money" on a credit card; you use it first, then pay later. The credit card company is lending you the money (that's what credit is). You apply, get a credit card...then you buy stuff. The card company then sends you a bill for what you bought, and you pay off. If you can't or don't pay off everything, you are then charged interest (a fee for them lending you the money). I would recommend reading up on credit (, or any number of other sites) before you apply for anything.

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    I'm a bit confused. Are you using a credit card, a prepaid credit card, or a secured credit card? Here are the definitions:

    credit card - unsecured credit line

    prepaid credit card - credit card that is preloaded with cash, like a gift card

    secured credit card - a credit card that requires a cash deposit as a security collateral

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    You pay them more money then you owe and make sure that there is not a clause in the contract that says "that any money that is overpaid gets returned to you."

    ex. you have available credit of $1000

    you buy something for $50

    the bill comes in and you pay $100

    you have just put $50 on your card

    They may not pay you interest on that $50 though unless its in the contract

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    If you have that kind of credit card, you should already know how to do it.

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    Make a payment, than your available balance will go up by that much more. Keep making timely payments and they will automatically up your credit availability on an annual basis.

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    u know your just screwin yourself by doing that

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