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Is this just Deja vu?

Over the past 8 weeks i have had 5 deja vu experiences which have left me feeling dizzy and nauseus. I cannot remember the conversations or thoughts after the event but thought they were all related. The last experience i had i asked my friend to remember the conversation, and it bore no relevence to any previous thought or conversation. Anybody know what could cause this to happen.

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    I would keep track of how may times this happens to you. What you are doing at the time? How do you feel afterwords. You could be having types of seizures. They can start at any time, any age. See your doctor.

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    I suppose this is a transitority disconnect to your mind. For illustration, you may even see anything with each your eyes, however for a second your left eye strategies it and instantly places it into reminiscence. A break up moment later your correct eye strategies it, and it's recalled out of your reminiscence. Your mind does not distinguish among a reminiscence that occurred a millisecond in the past or person who occurred forty years in the past, so that you get a unusual feeling that you've skilled it earlier than. (and technically you've...simply one million/one million,000,000th of a moment in the past) Eventually the 2 sync up once more and the sensation of deja vu is going away. Does that make experience? Not certain I defined myself good.

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    most deja vu happens because of a rememberance of a dream or daydream someone had. some people also belive its a look into your past life, if you belive in that stuff. I agree with the first lady you should see a doctor about the dizziness though.

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    experts are at a loss for the cause of deja vu.. but because they are followed by dizziness and nauseusness... it would be good to go to a doctor to have it checked out. you might have a problem.

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    YOUR PHSYCIC!!! (lol. just kidding. but maybe not.)

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