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For Leos: Are you now, or have you ever been in love with a scorpio?

What do/did you think of them and the relationship with you?


thank you all.

I think he's (my leo) the cat's meow!

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    I was with someone who was "on the cusp" as they say.

    It was a tumultuous relationship. It lasted for three and a half years, and it ended badly. He still thinks I'm psycho, and I still think he's an arrogant jerk.

    It was wonderful for a while though. But looking back on it, we were kidding ourselves.

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    Attracted physically to the males, yes. Love? No.

    Unfortunately the attraction didn't last long either, since most of them were sarcastic and quick tempered, couldn't even handle a simple joke or chat.

    The ones that I thought sexy were also educated and stylish, I understand why they were arrogant. But really, their quick tempers ruined the entire moods, so I would prefer a Cap for love or intimacy now.

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    My Partner is Virgo but was born two months premature and should have been a scorpio and shows signs of both, he is a wonderful person and we have a great realtionship, he is my best friend and we get on brilliant, (and the cheeky stuff is great too) don't know if this helps.

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