What should teens do now to help them get wealthy in their 20's or 30's?

specific occupations, companies...?


yeah and no CASHCRATE SCHEMES or anything like that. something thats realistic

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    study! knowledge is power

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    Study hard.

    Get a part time job.

    Apply for scholarships so you don't need a student loan.

    If you can't pay for your schooling up front, take a year off to work, work, work and save the money so you don't need a student loan.

    Start saving/investing 10% of your income from the start, even if that 10% is only a few dollars. Make it a habit and stick to it. Designate another10% to be given to charity. Make this a habit, too. Lean to live on 80% of your income. Learn to budget.

    Don't use credit card unless *absolutely* necessary. If you do use it, pay it back as soon as possible; the next month preferably.

    Be disciplined.

    It doesn't depend on a specific occupation or specific company -- it depends on you. You can be a wealthy barber or kindergarten teacher as long as your disciplined about your spending, saving & investing.

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    Here is a partial book list from my local library that may have the answers you are seeking:

    Fast Cash for Kids … Bonnie & Noel Drew

    Better than a Lemonade Stand … Daryl Bernstein

    50 Money Making Ideas for Kids … Lauree & L Allen Burkett

    Jobs for Kids … Carol Barkin & Elizabeth James

    The Kids’ Business Book … Arlene Erlbach

    Making Cents … Elizabeth Wilkinson

    Make More Money Than Your Parents … Mike Bundlie and Others

    How to Be a Teenage Millionaire … Art Beroff

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    Something I should have done years ago. Don't get me wrong I worked hard every day of my life (5 days week), blew money on lunch every day, cars, custom vans, holidays, parties, alcahol the latest gadgets and ended with applying for loans and making outstanding repayments. I had $20.000 by the age of 20 and blew the lot. NEVER INVESTED A CENT!!!!

    "What should teens do now to help them get wealthy in their 20's or 30's?"

    Work hard, look after your money and make it work!!

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    stock market

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