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Could someone help me on this please please?!?!?!?!?

Gift Card: You have a $300 gift card to use at a sporting goods store. You want to use your card to buy 2 pairs of shoes for $85 each and several pairs of socks.

1)Write and solve an inequality to find the possible amounts of money that you can spend on socks using your card.

2)Suppose that socks cost $4.75 per pair. Write and solve an inequality to find the possible numbers of socks that you can buy using the card.

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    1. If a = the amount you spend on socks, 2(85) + a <= 300

    2. If p = how many pairs of socks, they cost 4.75p total.

    So 4.75p + 2(85) <= 300

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    1) 2s+85</=300


    2) 4.75p</=300


    does that help you?

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    I Dont Know I Cant Help U Sorry

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