How can I make my own homemade stationery?

Specifically Christmas stationery. I was thinking of doing it with holly berries and leaves and maybe have it be scented? I just don't know how...


I am not talking about computer printed stationery. Actual paper pulp stationery...

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    You can buy rubber stamps and ink pads at any descent hobby store (like Hobby Lobby). There should be a really good variety of Christmas themed stamps out there right now. You can probably even find a set of stamps (like one holly leaf, one little bunch of berries, a swirly stem, etc) that go together and match the theme you want. Then get a green and a red ink pad. Just don't get plain green and red; get a dark hunter green and a red that's tinted more burgundy or maroon; that's the style with "serious" rubber stampers these days. If you can get your hands on a Close To My Heart catalog (they're a rubber stamp and stationery company), you should, because it will have lots of ideas in it, even though it's probably too late to order stamps from them now and have them come in before Christmas. Have fun!

    Oh yeah, and I'm sure you can find scented ink pads too.

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    If you're talking about only homemade paper, you might want to indicate that in the subject line... otherwise people will see only that you want to "make stationery."

    Another thing to suggest besides regular stamping, etc., might be stamping xmas theme images with embossing ink (or drawing with special embossing pens, or just glycerin), then put embossing powder(s) on top, and heat with an embossing gun till they melt. Makes a pretty little image (probably on even handmade papers).

    Diane B.

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    4 years ago

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    Microsoft Works is a good start, Print Shop, Hallmark Software just to name a few. Also I am not sure but may have some templates. Also you may want to try Yahoo search and type in Stationary Templates or free Stationary Templates and see what you get. Most likely you will get a hit or two.

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    Yes you can make some wonderful layouts for your stationary using rubber stamps From various places. Stampin_Up is my favorite & they have a large variety of paper & stamps, & most everything you could want, to accomplish what you need. Close To My Heart, has clear stamps: but has a limited variety. In fact Close To My Heart is a split off of people who wanted to create their own business, who once belonged to Stampin-Up. Stampin-Up is far more superior in many way's!!

    Source(s): Close To My Heart Vs. Stampin-Up
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    I believe what you mean is actual berries and leaves. Take a walk in some woods and gather some small twigs, Berries would crush and stain.

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